McKenzie (Oregon) Wild Trout Population Study

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    I don't make it over here too often, and I'm sure most of y'all don't make it down this way too much, but thought you might like a heads-up about a neat cooperative project we've got going on with wild trout population monitoring on the McKenzie River. The study is a multi-year collaboration between local TU Chapter 678, the McKenzie Flyfishers, and the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. We've got several sponsors who have helped make our study a reality through generous donations of cash and prizes.

    Check out the study website here:

    Or befriend our flagship radio-tagged trout Floyd on Facebook:

    Poor Floyd may have gotten munched by a cormorant a few months ago, but his legacy (and tag!) live on...
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    Great, thanks for posting
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    Thanks SFG, there's a lot of folks here who fish both Washington and Oregon rivers so the info is well worth the post. With 22K members, there's no way to know how many of those members fish the McKenzie so I suggest you keep posting your notices.
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    Indeed, this board seems to be the most active of any in the Northwest. And who knows, maybe someone here will steal some of our ideas for work up North!