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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. o.k. i haven't done this in a minute but anyone down for streamer swap? i'm not talking about little streamers such as wooley buggers and various 1 inch type treats. i'm talking about something with a little more size, whether it be on a sizeable single hook or an articulated type. i haven't been tying much since we moved out of our house where i had my own man room and into our small apartment, but i'm do. i would also prefer it to be something that is a known producer and since this is my swap i would like to see them in troutie type colors. olives, blacks, yellows and whites are the cream of the crop for me. i think 10 tiers would be sufficient and the deadline will be march 1stish. if we can't get enough interest within a weeks time then fuck it.

    line up:
    1. me - received
    2. stilly stalker
    3. mumbles - received
    4. sam dixon - received
    5. js - received
    6. riseform - received
    7. pelhament - received
    8. jergens - received
    9. stewart - received
    10 eric tarcha - received

    THIS SWAP IS NOW CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1560 n. main st. #c-12
    layton, utard 84041
  2. yes, Im down! Im in for an olive articulated pattern like my sculpin murk dragon, or something classic like the T&A rainbow
    Ill leave mine as 2 hook flies, and let whoever gets them decide to cut one off or not
  3. In if allowed swapmeister.
  4. Sounds awesome. I'm in.
  5. stilly stalker and mumbles are in.
  6. and it should catch fish in rivers. i don't give two shits about lakes in this swap.
  7. Yeah dog, I am in if youll have me. I will tie my alaskan woolly sculpin. Full of dumbell eyed, schlappeny, wooly goodness.
  8. mmm schlappeny goodness....
  9. I'll get in on this as well. Something articulated...either a proven producer (peanut envy, boogie man, articulated McCune's, Mikes pecs) or perhaps my own fleeing crayfish pattern.
  10. In with what I call a Congo Muddler. Its basically an oversized Kiwi Muddler with a Congo Hair collar instead of Deer Hair. I'm partial to this color but I can tie it in any color you'd like.

    View attachment 37719
  11. this ones gonna be a great swap!
    Ill probably be tying up these for the swap...
  12. I'm in, either a Sculpin Steve or Skiddish Smolt.
  13. btw, what are you tying Mike?
  14. Seeing that I'm going to be totally outclassed, I'll say I'm tying my best, but likely a shitty, version of this:
    View attachment 37721
    Monster. Pretty sure I'll make mine an articuated large profile pattern.

    The articulated ones were an epic fail. Did tie up some long tailed bunnies with a bit of deer hair mohawk and fish skullz. Hope not to disappoint.
  15. That looks sweet Ed, what size is the hook in the back?
  16. if a greyish purplish streamer produces for you then i'm good with it.
  17. i haven't quit decided yet joe.
  18. Yeah the lighting does make it look a little purple now that I look at it again. Its Black/White.
  19. I'll tie a Butt Monkey. I haven't figured out the articulated version yet, so it will most likely be a single hook.
  20. sounds good stewart

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