meat chuckers delight

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Mine just got returned for not enough postage... My bad I didn't realize that they were as heavy as they were. If you want I can get them back in the mail today, or if its going to take to long I can apologetically back out.
  2. re-send with no worries. just waiting to hear from jergens
  3. Your gonna have to call that Jergens cat. He's out in fishville and not too close to a computer most days. I got a sneak peek at them a week or so ago...Jergens chucks meat.
  4. jergens got back with me and is sending his out today or tommorrow so as soon as i collect them all i will send them out
  5. Mike, hold Jergens' hostage by sending his to me...If he does not meet me for another beer while I'm out there fishing then I'll send him to his house in MT!
  6. Sorry forgot to post an update. I took my package into the post office to make sure I had the correct postage this time. The lady at the counter told me that they will arrive Saturday.
  7. yeah, sorry about the delay boys. Mine went out thursday, should have them in Utardia today, monday at the latest.

  8. received pelhaments meat today. i'm really diggin the skullz
  9. got jergens tasty treats. waiting on one more set and i'll get them shipped out.
  10. Whats the word? I'd like to chuck some meat this weekend.
  11. still waiting on stilly stalkers. his were supposed to be in the mail last week so hopefully will get them tommorrow
  12. did you ever send your flies out stilly stalker? 2 weeks late and still waiting on flies
  13. o.k. i still haven't heard from still stalker in awhile. i pm'd him a few days ago. not sure what you guys think but i figure i will give him thru the weekend to contact me or for his flies to get to me and if not then i will just ship out the ones we do have. or if you guys want we can just wait for his flies to arrive. let me know what you guys prefer.
  14. I won't be chucking meat for a couple weeks.
  15. Yeah I am on a two week break, so it wont matter for me. I am moving next weekend, so I may need to give you my new address if it doesnt go down this week. If its going to be much longer though Im going to loose it! I have to see what everyone whipped up.
  16. Totally your call Mike. Whitefish don't like meat...and I'm focused on big whitefish!
  17. Yeah I'm pretty easy. Waiting is fine with me, but if you don't hear back from him in a few more days I'd send them.
  18. last thing i heard from was on the 28th of feb. saying that his would be out tommorrow. i guess i will give it a couple of more days then they will be out.
  19. he was last on the site on March 20th. If you have PM'd him and he hasn't responded to you or this thread, I think obviously he is blowing us off.
  20. Busted by his own profile. Kind of cracks me up.

    I am not even in this swap but I have followed it with interest. I wish I would have seen it, but it is still fun to see what everyone ties up.

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