meat chuckers delight

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. if i don't hear from him like yesterday i will have the flies out by the end of the week. if someone has a different address by chance send it to me before the weeks over
  2. We are good on the address mike, as long as it ships this week or early next week.
  3. pics are posted in the gallery. sorry i'm not the best at fly pics but they came out ok.
  4. since there were some extras everyone got an extra of someone elses
  5. Good pics Mike, and great ties by all. I'm looking forward to getting them wet.
  6. Agreed, great swap everyone. I got excited about this, and was looking forward to the pics, and I am not even in it!
  7. nice ties gents! looks like some USDA Prime meat coming my way. Thanks!
  8. Heck yeah, I can't wait to slang 'em!
  9. flies are headed your way
  10. Holy shit! I can't wait to see these up close and get them on the water. Great looking flies!
  11. Flies received. Great ties everyone. Thanks for running this Swapmeister Mike.

    Round 2?
  12. I got mine yesterday. Amazing stuff. Thanks all, and special thanks to Mike.
  13. Some of these bad boys will be swimning in the Bitterroot this weekend unless skwalas are on fire. If I can hook something noteworthy I'll try to get a picture with the "winner" hanging off its lip.
  14. Thank you all for the impressive ties and thanks Mike for hosting.

    I'm scheduled for a late April MT trip, so I'll make a determined effort to throw each pattern and report back with pics.
  15. I had a couple of tugs on Mike's fly today at Pass Lake. Those in the know say that I was fishing a fly that was much too large. For a while I was looking for the big guys. I look forward to trying out the rest of them when the time and location are right.
  16. maybe clip the tail a little
  17. Naw, they were the little guys I'm sure. I'll wait out the large fly gulping beasts! I like how that fly looks wet and swimming. I can't wait to try them all.
  18. it is sexy in the water for sure
  19. Hey Guys thanks for the great bugs! It was a nice treat to find in the mail after being away from home for a month. Without question the best swap I have been involved in. One thing I found interesting was the amount of Grey bugs. You guys have good success on grey? I used to fish it a little, but don't near as much any more.

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