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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Eric Denny, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. I was wanting to know who would be interested in a meet and greet in the spokane area. I was thinking next thursday oct 24? If you are interested let me know by message or pm also let me know what time would be good for you. We where thinking a good time would be around 6? So open to places and times???
  2. Damn,I am going to be sitting in a dentist's chair on that date.:( Otherwise I would have taken a drive south to meet my southern cousins.:D
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  3. Well it's not like we are doing it in the afternoon but I don't blame you.
  4. No takers???
  5. Well if anyone decides they want to show up there is a few of us that will be at the steamplant this thursday at 630 just message me and I will tell you what to look for or you can try to find us. It wasn't hard last time to find the fly fishermen in the group we tend to stick out if you know what you are looking
  6. Hey Eric I'm healthy again and think I can hook up with the group for a brew if still on. I'm off to some northern lakes in the early AM Friday but would love to drop in.

    P.S. I think I'll try to find you, more fun that way.
  7. Will be there!
  8. Kevin, It wasn't hard last time. Plaid shirts, black framed glasses, and silver bow hats....
  9. Ha okay I think I can spot that!
  10. Anyone going to waypoints premier on 11/8? I'm coming in to town and (I think) crashing w/in laws. Probably fishing the Clearwater on the way back home Saturday.
  11. I
    I am and think there are a couple more that are.
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  12. I am as well
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  13. I have it on my calendar, trying to make it but not sure yet. Looks like a good show
  14. Ill be there

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