Meiser + Next Cast = Happiness

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Idaho steel, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Been throwing a Next Cast fall favorite-70 on my Highlander Classic and it's absolutely blowing my mind. Not only from a casting standpoint, it is a superior fishing line as well. If you have Highlander Classic you owe it to yourself to at least scope out the Next Cast lines...AJ
  2. Idaho,
    That combination has been my favorite a few years now. Using one cut for tips in the winter and a lighter uncut line in summer. Pure joy!
    Been wanting to try a Carron, but don't know how it could get any better.
  3. I'm glad you like the Nextcast FF, yes they are great lines.

    Gene Oswald
    Nextcast Pro-Staff

  4. Well, from a pure casting point of view, I think the Carrons may have a slight edge. They feel smoother to me, and perhaps a little better "balanced." Sort of a Ferrari next to the Next Cast muscle car...If I was at all interested in competitive casting, my choice would probably be the Carron.

    However, having fished with both lines, I find the Next Cast to be a better fishing line on a couple points. And at the end of the day I'm a Steelhead junkie who digs spey casting, not the other way around. --AJ
  5. mmmm....buttery smooth
    FF70 and Highlander Classic. I hear angels singing
  6. Ohhhhh yes a Meiser + Nextcast = the near perfection. Today I finally go a chance to try out my WA45 on my MKS 13'6" and it was as close to perfection I've found for that rod. I've been looking for a one rod one line setup for the majority of my fishing for a long time and I think I've finally found it.
  7. Would be happy to send you a demo Carron to try out.
  8. Have you tried the new next generation Carrons? Might change your
  9. Yup, one of yours in fact...Don't get me wrong, they are frickin' amazing lines in their own right and as I noted, I do feel they are a little nicer to cast. But for me, at least in terms of fishing, the Next Cast had the edge.--AJ
  10. Bruce,
    I'd be interested in trying one. Think it would have to be the 65' 8/9 or the 75' 9/10. Wish there was a lighter long line.
    Does one typically hold the back of the head outside the rod tip, or down into the rod?
  11. The fall fav's are great fishing lines indeed.
    The 9/10 70 is a machine.
    Glad you like it.
  12. I found the Carrons to have a really long back taper, and they seemed to work best with about ten feet of the head sucked in. Basically, if you want to actually fish a 65 foot head for example, you need the 75 footer...AJ
  13. I use the 8/9 FF 70 for dry line and cut the 9/10 back for my tip line.
    I began using the first gen Nextcast then moved to the newer ones. Simon did some great stuff. I've been using the newer Nexcast lines on a 16' 6/7/8 Highlander
    Am curious about Carron lines and would have to go with the 75'er if the back end needs to come in to the rod.
  14. In genreal the Carron cast beautifully outside the rod tip...even with 2-3' extra of overhang. If your comfortable casting a 70' head a 75' head shold be no sweat.

  15. Really that statement is relative to your casting skIlls
  16. Undoubtedly.
  17. Yes , casting skills and specific rod/line combination.
  18. Not sure I understand. With ten feet of the head sucked in where does this put the color change?
  19. With 10' sucked in, the back end of the head--color change-- would be 10' inside the rod from your rod tip. 16' rod would have the color change 6' from your hands.
  20. Idaho Steel - which Highlander Classic and which FF line are you using?

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