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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. I read of the 12 top posting members that slightly under 5k posts is the least chatty member. OMJ, as the number 1 poster, is remarkably quiet at this moment. It is possible that his computer is in for a keyboard refurb.

    I will soon embark on a voyage to displace one of those top 12 members. It only requires me to post inane items for a minimum of 3312 times. Either that or go fishing lots more so I offer something worthy.
  2. LMAO!! OMJ is proly napping on a stream bed some place.
  3. I'm ashamed that I may be in that top list. Granted, I've been working on it for 6 years
  4. It took me over ten years to get a grand. The old man probally sits in his lazy boy sipping good wiskey, when not nailing fish. He is the master.
  5. Not really. I think that I have been here from just about day one. I've been retired now for 14 years, well I will be on May 1st. I know I was here before I retired. So you stick a few more years on here.

    Since I live now in Montana I have to meet and greet you all from a long distance away. I have only been here in Montana for about 7 years now. But most of my fishing and posting has been in Washington State. When I'm not fishing, I'm usually on here. And I haven't been out throwing the rod and line around lately. My mind wasn't on fishing.
  6. I make a lot of posts because flyfishing is part of my existence and I like BS'n with fellow fly anglers and tiers. Considering my inability to shut up, I'll pass Old Man in short order :D
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  7. Yes, you have quite a few in the short time you have been here. But I'm not worried, Mumbles almost caught up to me then I had a spurt and gained a little ground.
  8. Dang.... while I've watching the leaders that danged GAT has been gaining ground on me.
  9. He frequents the “2013 one word contest”. lol

    Just kidding Gene! ;)
  10. Actually, I've never looked at the one word contest.

    I was given a bad time on another site I belonged to for many, many years because I posted so much... it really bugged one guy for some reason.

    My day job deals with working on The Internet so it is easy for me to toggle over to the forum and make posts, plus, I keep it on while I'm tying flies at home. Like I said, flyfishing is part of who I am and the reason I'm here.

    If I end up posting too often here.... TFB. :p
  11. Them's fightin' words. I bet you're a stinkin' Duck also.:oops:
  12. That would be sad.... a Duck in Beavertown. You gotta be a Beav...
  13. I'm a Beav by default... I didn't go to OSU or U of O (I went to Eastern Oregon University) but because we live where we do, Virginia and I got sucked into the frenzy. It first started with the Ralph Miller basketball teams... we'd get free tickets to the games. At that point, the football team was so bad, they wouldn't bother to charge you to get in the gates at half time. Now it's flipped... the basketball team sucks and the football team ain't bad.
  14. As many certain ???? say it's the quality not the quantity. Since I have no quality I do my best for quantity!
  15. Well I'm catching up boy's, coming up fast. You"ll see me in the (one word) forum, for the next week.
  16. I've been a member on here since 2001, according to the info I get when I click on my avatar... I used to be on a mailing list before that, but I can't remember if that became this site or was something completely different now. I had more posts at one time, but some were lost when Chris merged two profiles together for me a while back.

    I check out WFF once in a while these days, but not as much as 10 years ago. It seems most of the posts are a rehash of similar threads... What rod? What line? Best fish? Swinging vs nymphing vs whatever? Not looking for secrets, but...?

    By my post count it looks as if I post about 27 times a year, or ~.076 times a day, which is probably too much.The only reason I'm posting now is because I'm bored and the rivers are still frozen up here in Fairbanks. When the Chena thaws I'm going to go catch some Grayling, take a few pics, and then I'll have a post to share! Enjoy fellow fisher people!

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  17. Postwhores. All of you.


    It's good stuff, you post-aholics are part of what brings me back. It's interesting to see some of the same post crazy people that are still around after my "break" from the site (2008-mid 2012 more or less) and the notable few who are not.

    Anyway, keep up the good work lads!
  18. Now Evan I need to worry about because he is young, but you old guys will eventually die and unless you guys come back from the dead I'm gonna get you eventually!
  19. What ever happened to to zen the fly fishing casting competitor. The young kid, steel head king.
  20. Thinking they might replace us with hatchery members. :D
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