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  1. There's only 42 miles between Corvallis and Eugene. There are many married couples in both cities that are split as fans. One is a duck, one is a beav. You can tell the split fan marriages because their vehicles have both a beav flag and a duck flag.

    Soooooo..... the newspaper in Corvallis includes Duck articles for the Duck fans who live in Corvallis. ... and most likely, vice versa.

    That's why I know what I do. The "Civil War" is more of a symbolic war than it really is. There's been far too much inner fan mating for it to really mean anything other than a lot of hype. ... I'm not sure who their kids rout for... probably Boise State.
  2. It's windy here in Ellensburg. How about where you are?
  3. suns trying to come out here in renton.
  4. You don't read that everyday...actually, today could be the first day to ever read that!
  5. I think it's a typo :)
  6. YUp.
  7. Nice. Still windy here.
  8. well its going to get dark soon. Ba Bamm
  9. Sooooo, do fish sleep?
  10. On
    Only on the east side.

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