Merrill Hex

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Paul_, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Paul_ Active Member

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    I fished it a few nights ago. The hatch happened and it was, what it normally is, at least for me-
    Get to the lake around 7 pm and wait for something to happen.
    7:30 still waiting,
    8 still waiting,
    8:30 still waiting,
    9 still waiting,
    9:20 the bugs finally start coming off (as usual),
    9:22 I get the line tangle of all line tangles (as usual),
    9:30 finally get everything untangled,
    9:35 manage to hook a fish, but my Bill Dance hook set snaps the fly off (as usual),
    9:35-9:40 trying to tie on a new fly by the light of my cell phone, forgot my headlamp,
    9:45 see a big fish rise by a stump, make a beautiful cast and hook the stump,
    9:50 the hatch is over(rated),
    10:00 pm try to back my trailer down through a maze of headlights and float tubers who think they need to fully gear down in the middle of the ramp,
    10:20 headed home after another failed attempt to disprove the Great Merrill Lake Hex Hoax.
  2. Jeff Dodd Active Member

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    Thanks for the report. Dispute all this, I still have Merrill on my list places to fish.

    I am sure my report will be much like yours :)

  3. Mark Mercer Member

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    Great report, and all to common. I think we've all had those days (nights). I haven't fished Merrill for a few years but I remember it being something like that.... Maybe a bit overrated, I'm sure if you fished it often enough the planets would be in the correct alignment and it would be awesome.... for about 20 minutes till it got so dark you couldn't find your way back.
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  4. Irafly Active Member

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    I just can't help but wonder what the indicator bite is like on big hex nymphs before the bite fished deep and then up through the water column. I imagine I would then quite right as they started taking the adults. You know those fish are eating under the water, they just have to be.
  5. Drifter Active Member

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    That was funny Paul! you should write more.
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  6. Woodcanoeguy Member

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    Ah yes........the Merrill Hex party

    i have had a similar experience as you many times Paul. Thanks???...for reminding me!
  7. Pat Lat Mad Flyentist

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    strip a hex streamer while your waiting for a while, then youll be warmed up when you tie on a dry
  8. Lue Taylor Lue Taylor/dbfly

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    I thought the major hatch starts August also understand that Offut Lake has Hex hatch too in August much closer
  9. Flyfishing Dad displaced Alaskan

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    Funny stuff. I tried Merrill three times last year. The water was really low, two families of otter had moved in, and there were no fish to be found. Hoping the conditions are better this season.
  10. rory Go Outside

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    Last year, I had a great time fishing the Hex hatch at Merrill Lake. If you don't mind driving over 3 hours for one hour of fishing. There were so many rises, I thought that kids with throwing pebbles into the lake all around me. Watching the big bugs come up, the fish eating them, and the bats picking off the others was like being in a National Geographic show. I even landed a few fish myself. Now, if Offut Lake has a hatch like Merrill, I need to try that!