Merrill report?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Baseball_Junkie, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Anybody fished it lately?
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    Well I fished it last fall and did pretty well. I haven't been up this fall but every year the water drops some 15 ft. or so making things much easier then In the spring when (this year) so much water was in the brush fish were harder to find. across from the ramp is a big bay with a little creek trickling in, caddis and chiro's will hatch here and fish will stage-up in very shallow water. you will be able to see them flash while eating emergers or nymphs along the bottom. I did very well with tan weighted soft hackles beings the water was only 2 to 5 ft. where they were at, I could let the soft hackle sink just above bottom then twitch it and watch the cutts turn to take it.most fish were only 8 to 12 inchers and a few larger but when a hatch goes full swing we were able to watch larger fish come cruising in and target them! many a brown would cruise in biggest being maybe 16 inches! but some fun site fishing. there is another bay on the other side from the boat ramp they stack up at in the fall also. the later it gets the better it gets until they close it. last fall the fishing really started getting good for big fish and they closed the gates!

    small #16 or 18 nymphs worked well too if that's the way you would like to fish it.

    Last years advice sorry I couldn't give this years!!! good luck!
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    Fished about 3 hours Sunday afternoon and had a couple dozen hits .....had 13 fish on and 11 to the boat. Fished mostly east side from boat launch to deep bay. Lots of hits between Island and shore. Cutts were to 14" and some browns to 15" except that I lost one big brown....probably the second biggest one I have ever hooked at Merrill. I was so excited to feel him on the line and then finally see him when I got him to the surface that I forgot to watch for the eagle...then swoosh and kersplash...... he nailed my fish, broke my leader and flew off and ate him.....Fish was about 3-4 lbs. A great afternoon. Did not stay late enough to witness any hatches.
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    Woodcanoeguy, Thanks for the report. Did you notice any hatches coming off? What were the fish biting on? Ive never fished Merrill and was thinking of camping there this weekend.