Merry Christmas to me....Kayak

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Ok, this wasn't brand new. But got one helluva deal on it. It's been used the way I plan to use it (mostly rivers, the sound, and some slower rivers) so I snatched it up. It's a Wilderness Pamlico 120. Came with all the stuff he bought for it (West Marine milk crate with attached vertical rod holder, scotty rod holders, Go Pro mounts, GPS cradle inside cockpit, kayak vest, oars, and a few other misc things). I was busy today moving my pontoons to put mounts up for the kayak. Then realized, didn't get a picture of it on the ground, so you get a pic of it up in the rafters of my garage. Now just need to put new mounts up for my pontoons (frame for it is hanging on wall).

    kayak2.jpg kayak1.jpg
  2. Merry Christmas to you !!!!!!
  3. I've had the Wilderness Systems Pungo Classic 12 footer for about 7 years now. Similar hull design to the Pamlico but with a longer cockpit and no additional padding. Have never had a reason to regret it. The shallow keel helps it to track nicely and the side chines help stability. The upswept bow really rides nice up and over waves rather than submarining through them. Did flip it once, but it was at the beach on a hot day trying to get out. I had a swimsuit on and just went with the flow to cool off.:)

    I've only made a couple of additions to it for fishing:
    1. (most important!) A Gatorade bottle for offshore relief. Really helps to extend the day.
    2. With the long cockpit on mine I built a platform that fits the front 12" of it. I bungee it in place and it holds a Scotty fly rod holder.

    Only other thing I want to do to it is an anchor trolly.
  4. Great score, Jerry - Congrats! I have a 12' Pungo (amoung others, lol); we'll have to go fish! I haven't even used mine yet but I have paddled other Pungos and Pamlico's when I worked for Wilderness Systems. Both are great boats so I'm sure you'll love it.
  5. Sounds like WFF kayak outing time.
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  6. I vote for that! How else can I show Jerry how to property rig a 12 footer for ultimate flyfishing?! (Still in the experimental stage: rotating mini-pontoons for stand up fishing....please stay tuned for youtube video of Brad swimming.....)
  7. Actually guy I bought this from had the kayak stabilizers. He could stand up and cast with them on.
  8. I'm making something out of ABS and stainless brackets and attaching to my onboard milk crate......but I don't think I want to post a photo until AFTER the test drive at Nisqually.
  9. Oh boy! I can hardy wait to lay eyes on this contraption. I was thinking of doing something similar for my Tarpon, but i would attach the brackets (that hold the cross members) directly to my yak, on its slide tracks. I have slide tracks forward and aft of my cockpit.

    Jerry, good score!
  10. Whoa, that thing is BLUE
  11. At least nobody will mistake Jerry for an alligator!
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  12. Yeah that sounds like a blast- how bout a south sound resident coho thing? Or failing that, summertime, maybe an urban kayak thing for the pinks on the Duwamish...
  13. Set 'em both up Boot! Sounds like good times.
  14. I vote for a South Sound beach thing set up by Ed.
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  15. Jim: I don't have slide tracks, so I'm adapting.....
    and I don't want to necessarily make the rig totally tip proof: just a little added stabilization is good enough, I think. I hope. Anyway, hopefully it won't be ugly and will swing up and out of the way easily and down and into service easily from the seated position. This little boat has a station in the aft fitted exactly for a milk crate...pretty cool engineering. I added some cleats port and starboard for extra tie down resistance.
    And....I'm looking forward to driving out your direction in 2013 to do some estuary fishing. Are you ready? :)
  16. For south sound planning ill defer to a motivated local in the know. My range is limited because there is so much close to home.
  17. LOL guys. Its not that blue. Its the flash making it brighter. It's more of a dark blue.

    I've found a few stabilizers. Most were around $100-200 a set. The set the guy had on this one he bought at Cabelas and worked pretty slick. They just clamped onto boat. No drooling.

    I need to play with the boat a bit. Again I'm not going to use this A lot. On rivers I still plan on using my drift boats or one man cataraft. But for some of our lake trips and sound trips I'll use the kayak.

    Let me know if you plan a kayak trip. If that weekend is open I'm game.
  18. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I never really looked hard at the boat when he used it (this boat actually belonged to one of my soldiers in my PHWFF program). I had a set of mounts up front that I thought were for his go pro. Nope, it's for the stabilizer system he had. I think I may just buy up the same set at Cabelas. I'm due for some demos, so would come out free for me. :);Search-All Products
  19. jerry, thing looks sweet. hope you have a good time with it.
  20. Jerry they look like they would let you stand, but they also got a lot of stuff on them for line to tangle on. Last thing you want to do is inch out and over the pontoon to unwrap a line, particularly with a solid fish on. If you get them for free try them with your gear and fly rods in and out of some wind before practicing the same standing...

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