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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. You betcha! As soon as my right arm is back up to snuff. Believe it or not, my avoidance of all things resembling work, wave-riding, fishing, etc. (that about covers nearly everything, except inebriation and women, eh?), is working its magic on healing my arm. Tendons are slow to heal, especially when you're over the hill. I'm at the point where I need to maintain my resolve, adhere to strict discipline, and continue the avoidance of all things requiring the use of my right arm. I don't want to jump the gun (again) at this point. I already had to refuse an invite for an awesome float trip for steelhead. Fortunately, I am ambidextrous enuff to raise a beer with my left.

  2. Jerry, I think boot makes a good point about being aware of fly-line snaggers, and the potential of that stabilizer crossbar setup to grab your line. I eventually cut the "D-rings" off the sides of the bow skirts on my Ultimate 12 because they were grabbing my line. They were about as useful as dew claws, anyway.

    I have found that the slack loops in my fly line tend to locate themselves forward or to the side of my body when casting and retrieving from a standing position in my U-12. You might consider locating your stabilizers aft of your cockpit.
  3. Actually, they've already been used on the boat. Been talking with the previous owner (since he is a good friend of mine now), and he loved the hell outta them. Yeah, know all about the hang up line thing (I own two driftboats LOL, enough said). I doubt I'll stand, but from his experience they help when you're fighting a fish and you try turning yourself around too fast or off weighting the boat too much. I'm going to play with it a bit. May even borrow them from him (he's using them on his canoe) and try them out first. I wouldn't get them for "free" actually, but I get money for doing demos, just would toss them onto the cost of the floats. :)
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  4. I should add (thought I did), this won't be used that much. Just we do enough "solo" fishing trips on certain lakes and the sound that I got tired of rowing my small pontoon all over the damned place while all the others in Kayaks and canoes were flying across the area. For the cost, I just couldn't pass it up. So not going to sink that much into it. I know he fished it alot like it is (mostly Puget Sound and local lakes) and it fished well for him. I'll probably tweak it as I need to. But doubt I'll do much more to it, outside of putting some drybags in it. :)
  5. Nice boat, your going to love it. I love both of mine. I just got a bunch of stuff from HOOK1 to outfit my Dirigo. And a new rudder for my T-13 and a new fancy paddle for both. I cant wait to get this stuff mounted. In fact the hubby just offered to heat up the garage. So i will bit you a due. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  6. By all means, hoist a couple tonight with your left, so that you can use your right....
    sometime soon! I have tomorrow off, and hope to finish up the last few connections on my super custom ultra cheapo extra sturdy lightly bouyant one of a kind kayak stabalizers.
    I'm also wondering if I should order a 'yak attack' light.....what do you think? Seems like a good idea, and they're not very expensive. Anyway.....happy new year!
  7. Congrats Jerr, You really needed another boat...:p
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  8. Don't be a hater brother. ;)
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  9. As long as one can rationalize it to oneself, there is no shame in desiring or acquiring yet another boat.:rolleyes: I was thinking of getting another SOT around 9' or 10' max, and thus much lighter than my 80 lb 14' beast of a Tarpon 140.
    This would be something light enough that I can carry it down to the water and throw in for a quicky session, where I paddle out a couple hundred yards and catch my dinner in short order, then head back in, and don't have to hassle with too much gear or too much prep time.:cool:
  10. I'm starting to think that kayaks (and pontoons) are like rod/reels.....
    you really can't have too many. Each for it's own particular use.
    I love my 12. I'd like to get a 14. 10? Maybe. Spring? Time to buy a pontoon.
    Or two.
  11. LOL guys. Paul is one of my close friends and fishing buddies. Just smack talk. No justifying on my part. Why I have so much stuff. I think I'm past Captain to Admiral since I have a fleet (and damned proud of it).
  12. BTW Bradley, I have 3 drift boats for starters. ;)
  13. Well, Jerry.....I'm still a captain of only one boat.....and it flies the Jolly Roger and the American Flag, but it's a start for the Cutthroat fleet . Fish ahoy! :)
  14. Trust me, it starts with one. If a few things wouldn't have happened in my past I'd have even more boats right now. LOL
  15. I can't think about drift boats. I could actually BUILD one of those.....
    But for now I'm trying to figure out thread and hackle and bobbin.
    If I start a wood project, I'm a goner for six months. And I'd rather fish.
  16. Oh, I can totally get that. I love my 12. But...........
    but....but......if only I had a.......
    Well, I know you get it.
  17. This is wise. We can't let the peripheral stuff get in the way of the main thing. Not for very long, anyway. Although I have enough boats to get me out on the water, I always think that I need at least one more in the fleet...but that can wait if there's fishing to be had using whatever I already have.

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  18. Agreed. Flyfishing is a paradigm of life in many ways, this included, I think.
    Get that arm working: I want to paddle with you! :)
  19. My problem is I'm literally getting boats thrown at me for free or cheap. Makes it hard to pass up. Lol
  20. well done Jerr.
    Admitting there is a "Problem" is the first step...
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