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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jake L, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. The foam with plastic fingers that I added to my WJ stripping basket floats up making yet another issue. No bottom and separators, issue. Diameter, issue. Bottom and separators, issue. I guess I will keep working on the bugs, or just give up and use my good old plastic kidney shaped laundry basket. I think the Willy J will be better on small water locations or when hiking just to keep my line collected, clean and not have to put it back on the reel every time I move from hole to hole on a smaller river or stream.
  2. Rack, just read your post, great suggestion. I have one such sign (not political, but a meeting announcement sign) in my truck. Brilliant suggestion. I'll give that a shot.

  3. You're coming around. It seems nearly everyone has to initially try a collapsible stripping basket, then eventually comes around to the hard basket.
  4. you have a preference between the Mangrove Hipshooter Stripping basket and the Orvis Durable Stripping basket?


  5. Brian,

    I have been experimenting with wearing my Orvis basket lower and it is an improvement but the issue is that it takes on more water from waves. I think that this can be mitigated by drilling some holes in the bottom or wearing platform shoes:D. Who out there is using hard stripping baskets with drain holes? I know some people like to have some water in their basket to reduce tangling so drain holes may not be preferred.

  6. Tom,
    I've got holes in both my homemade and LL Bean hard baskets.
  7. I've got holes in my basket
    (and my head).
  8. Hey Guys,
    I'm new here and from the east coast.

    The surf around here is rough and impossible to fish without a stripping basket. I have a few soft sided ones a few homemade jobs, and a few orvis baskets. One with holes one without.

    Here's what I've learned the hard way.
    The soft types are a drag but better than nothing, so I always keep one behind the seat in the truck in case of emergencies.

    Homemade jobs are OK, and I always think I can do it better for cheaper than the Orvis basket, but I can't. The big key in a homemade one is to be able to get the thing off one handed as you're rolling around in the surf.

    Hard baskets with holes are great but you can wade deeper with one without holes because it will 'float' above the water. Even if you take a wave into the basket just tilt the front edge up to your chest and the water dumps out over your waders and your line stays in the basket.

    Baskets without holes are best because,
    You can wade deeper because the basket floats like a boat on the water's surface.
    On hot days when the line gets a little sticky or starts to cut your finger tip, you can add an inch of water to the bottom of the basket decreasing line friction on your fingers and the rod guides.
    In a pinch you can flip the basket and trap air under it for a make do life preserver. I've seen a few guys get washed off the rocks and manage to do this.:rolleyes: I'd prefer to practice caution because the only time it happened to me the basket was like a 3 gallon sea anchor tied to my waist.

    To me stripping baskets are a love hate relationship. Can't live with them and can't live without them. Also what I've found is that the cleaner the line the less tangles no matter what basket you use.

    In a pinch or from a boat, a medium sized canvas boat bag works great. Put a little water in the bottom and the canvas swells a little and holds the water providing just enough resistance to keep a clean line from tangling.

  9. Great first post. Good choice to be sharing info for your first post. Lots of guys get torn up because they ask one of the Where, When, What, or How questions. Welcome to Washington, from a guy who just got here himself.
  10. I have a homemade basket with loop separating pins and small holes in the bottom. It is boyant enough to float a bit, even as it takes a bit of water. It is superior to the William Joseph basket for sure, but the packability of the Willie J may have its place, but no on the beach, at least not on purpose. I have another larger diameter but shallower mesh basket with a firm lip and side supports that I have yet to try. I will add some line loop separating pins and try it out. I'm sure it will be better than the WJ, and will provide some benefits over the rigid laundry basket setup but will likely not be as ideal. The second mesh basket was a gift, either an outcast or some other, not sure. I'll try then decide.

    S2ary, great detailed input on your trials of various baskets. Very analytical, do you examine your rods, lines and flies with the same scrutiny? I could see a gear review series coming from you with that level of detail.
  11. Thanks guys,

    But I'm just in this for the chicks.:thumb:
  12. A little variation on your approach . . .

    I drill holes in the sides of my basket, so it still draings yet retains a little water down in the bottom. To me I get the best of both worlds; the basket doesn't fill all the way, but it doesn't empty all the way, either. Like you, I think the water in the bottom keeps the line from getting 'sticky' as the line dries.

    Clean fly lines are happy fly lines!
  13. "Course that'd make it much harder to use as an "emergency float" too, huh? Guess ya gotta pick yer priorities....:beer1:

  14. I guess you better only put in as many holes as you can reach with your fingers if you are counting on floating on it for survival.
  15. I don't count on my stripping basket to be my life preserver; I use an inflatable vest. I trust that it could hold up my 210 a little better than the Orvis plastic bucket . . . :thumb:
  16. Cool that is a great idea.

    The inflatable vest is another great idea. A lot of us now wear them when the surf gets ugly. I'm no youngster anymore, now adays if I get dumped with waders, a raincoat, and a sea anchor around my waist I might be tempted to let go of my rod.;)
  17. I bought a collapsible basket yesterday morning before my first fly fishing outing. It cost me about $40.00. I will have to say that it was a little awkward but the waders on the beach rocks were awkward as well.

    The one thing I know, as a beginner, is that I would have one hell of a mess with the line sitting on the water without a basket. Seaweed or whatever you want to call it everywhere!

    Just my beginner 2 cent observation.

  18. I've been using the William Joseph stripping basket for a while. Just an FYI, the new William Joseph stripping basket is now out and is similar to the old one but they have changed the design on the mesh pouch and have reinforced it to make it more rigid. It appears to be a great improvement.
  19. I have the new WJ basket but still needed to make a few modifications...especially with the tangle prone running line on the Outbound. Here is what I did:

    Punched 4 holes and put 4 large plastic bolts/screws with big heads up thru the bottom (these are made for attaching stuff to the chassis of cars) and then glued (gorilla glue) a caster socket onto each one of the screws. The sockets look like this...

    ...and are usually put into the legs of furniture to recieve wheels like this:

    Simple, cheap and works.
  20. Sciguy, I like the plastic bolt receiver idea. What are the approximate dimensions of those plugs? I think seeing that has given me an idea or two. I think my newer gift outcast stripping basket is better than my willie j, but adding something like your idea to the bottom will probably improve them both. Thanks for the post.

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