Methow and Wenatchee opener

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Patrick Gould, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Patrick Gould

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    Too much low hanging fruit in that comment...
  2. Irafly

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    I fixed it, nice call.
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  3. Kaiserman

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    I think the University of Washington's sociology department should take a field trip. They could get a semester's worth of term papers done in 4 hrs.
  4. Irafly

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    Naah, it always ends up being a hell of a lot more congenial then most think, but then again I guess I always see it through a positive lense.
  5. Kaiserman

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    Well truth be told, I've never been anywhere near any river for its opening. I'm just guessing that anywhere with 3 or more people has got to be fun to watch. :p
  6. TD

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    I'm headed over. I've never participated in this circus before but have been planning on joining in since last fall. When I saw it was opening, I didn't even think about it, I just booked a room for Saturday night. I know nothing about it, so I'm bringing a variety of articulated flies, nymphs, and skaters. I'm pretty excited about it, not even sure why. Probably just excited to get out and fish in the fall. I understand the modern deer season opens Saturday too, I'm trying to convince myself that that will cut down on the number of people fishing. :D
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  7. Evan Burck

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    If anything, it makes it worse. You have a lot of hunters hitting the river during the mid-day.
  8. TD

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    Excellent. This ought to be an experince.
  9. Rick Todd

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    With the low stream flows I'm wondering if there have been many steelhead entering the Methow-anyone know?
  10. BDD

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    Rick, should know by the end of the day. But then again, the river is rising somewhat with this recent weather.
  11. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    It was like this in 2010, and something like 75% of the run stayed in the Columbia until after the thaw. It was pretty abysmal fall fishing there.
  12. Lex

    Lex Active Member

    These conditions are nearly identical to then in 2010. Only a bit worse cuz it's really fucking low and the recent bump didn't really do shit.

    And yes, hunters will increase the river traffic in a douchey way. I've seen it every year.

    Have fun out there guys. Don't have high expectations though because the Methow will hand your ass to you on any given day regardless of fishing pressure or conditions - even those that know the river well.

    Finally - KEEP THE FIRST TWO HATCHERY FISH YOU LAND! There are literally guys every year (mostly fly fishers) that will release them so they can continue fishing through the day and then make false reports that the fish they released that morning were wild - just in case they were being watched. Don't do this. It exagerates the number of wild fish recorded and can get the season shut down earlier than warranted. For those of us that live in the valley or have plavces there that fucking sucks.

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  13. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    This is the part of this river I can't quite get people to understand. It can be great, but holy shit do you have to put in work for that to happen. I know of more disappointed trips to that river from my peers than just about any other river I fish combined. It's a weird river to dial in. Very weird. But everyone sees the pics flying around the internet and have this idea that it's easy limits.
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  14. I've never been. What's so weird about it? Putting work into figuring out a new river sounds familiar no matter where you go. What makes this one more work than others?
  15. Lex

    Lex Active Member

    If I (we) detailed why it's a weird one to crack then it'd be giving away too much. It just comes down to seriously tempering expectations which it sounds like you're realist about.. Good luck man!
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  16. C'mon... Just a little hint. ;) So, it's not necessarily more work, it's just people go there with higher expectations than they should? Sounds like every steelhead river I've fished. Even what little expectations I have left for the Skykomish is more than it deserves when it comes to success rates of catching fish.
  17. Freestone

    Freestone Not to be confused with freestoneangler

    Well said Lex! Selfish f'ing idiots contributed to the early/winter closure last year. If you aren't willing to keep your hatchery fish, then fish elsewhere as this is meat fishery, plain and simple. Bring a pen, knife and cooler otherwise you may have a hard time convincing the officer that you intend to keep your brats.

    Also, keep the Endangered wild steelhead in the water! Don't be a douchebag and lift your wild steelhead for the hero shot as it is not only illegal, but it shows how little respect you have for these ESA-listed fish. Plus, if you really need the hero shot to boost your ego it basically broadcasts to everyone that you are really just compensating for your small rod!
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  18. Charles Sullivan

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    I am unclear as to what you are trying to convey. Could you possibly rephrase it so that I can understand?

    Go Sox,
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  20. bennysbuddy

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    Once you get the right bead color dialed in its a piece of cake!!!!!