Methow Boat Ban?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Freestone, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Chris Johnson

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    Which includes no weight attached to your line or leader.
  2. freestoneangler

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    The policy on the Deschutes works well enough. With increasing pressure and fewer fish, changes like this need to be considered.
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  3. Dale Dennis

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    I’ll have to agree with Salmo_G as well.
    Having boated NW rivers for many years I have seen a huge increase in boating traffic especially on our more popular steelhead water’s. I’m not kicking the side drifters but you can’t deny the increased amount of boating traffic that is now using this technique and it’s because of its effectiveness. I fish the Methow as well and have witnessed the increasing numbers of boaters over the last several years to a point that it is now affecting a quality experience. I still own a drift boat and still float the rivers and would support the fishing from a boat ban.
  4. ozcast

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    it would be a shame if people actually had to cast and/or learn how to cast to catch steelhead.
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  5. Salmo_g

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    As was said in a river runs through it, people who don't know how to fish shouldn't be allowed to catch them. Or something like that.

  6. Blktailhunter

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    Banning boats from all rivers would be fine by me. I've had one too many encounters with a boat stoppping right on top of the water I'm working. They have the whole river and my access is very limited and yet they feel the need to park right on top of my spot even after seeing me fishing. Get rid of them all.
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