Methow/Keith's house burnt down!

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  1. Many of you know WFF member Methow, aka Keith. Others may have met him as until recently, he worked for years as the WDFW creel checker on the Methow during both the trout and steelhead season.

    Well, I am sad to report that my dear friends, Keith and Kim, lost their home last night to the Methow fires. With no insurance and little time to get out, they lost many of their belongings and two cats. The photos on Q13 News of the burnt up truck and house was their place.

    Q13 News' Chris Lox set up a donation site to help Keith and Kim. Keith told me the funds go straight into the family's bank account. Every cent will help them get back on their feet. Keith has so freely shared his knowledge of the Methow with anglers over the years (and his jigs if you were lucky), I'm hoping anglers can help give back to one of our own.
  2. My old place on the Chiliwist and my good friends that still live up there may have lost their house.
    They got themselves and dogs out just in time.
    Bad, bad fire

  3. Gave 'em a few bucks and shared on FB. Hope it helps. Kind of worried about my family up there too.
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  4. This is terrible news. My thoughts and prayers go out to Keith, his family and all the others suffering losses due to fire.

    My plan is to list some items on the Classifieds section and use the proceeds to send to Keith's donation site.
  5. If someone can help get the stuff over to them we have a house we are selling, so we have LOTS of furniture and kitchen stuff that we can give to them, otherwise it would just go to the goodwill.

    PM me if someone can help get the stuff over to them at some point, house goes forsale August 15 I believe so it should give some time to figure out where to put it.
  6. done and done.

    Lets also see if we can send clothes, etc. Where can we send it?
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  7. That is a brilliant idea.
  8. double post
  9. What a shame. I'll do what I can.

    Chris - I would help get anything that fits in my truck over to them.

    Thanks for the info Sue.
  10. If I can get to the wetside I will be in the sea area this weekend. If someone in wenatchee area can hold the items I would be down to transport across the mtns. Pm sent
  11. Jake, I can deflate some boats and make room in my storage if needed.

    Thanks so much for all who have responded. The fires aren't out yet so it may take a little while to sort out even short term needs. Keith said they slept in their rig last night so it is still crisis mode up there. Another friend just texted that the fire is still burning above Keith's daughter's place and threatening it so things are still unfolding minute by minute...
  12. I am so sorry Methow. I pray you can get back to normalcy ASAP.
  13. Done.

    Keith - I've run into you several times on the Methow when you were still a creel checker. Really sorry about this. Hope you're able to get back on your feet soon.
  14. Funds on the way.
  15. Things are extremely tight for me right now, making a cash donation not an option at the moment. What I do have is a whole storage unit stuffed full of household goods. Got clothes, kitchen items, furniture, lamps, some small kitchen appliances, a kitchen table/chairs, cabinet or two and lots more. I would be glad to donate any/all of it if someone is spearheading the cause. I'm in Kitsap, and not entirely sure how it would work out, but I'd be happy to do anything I could to help out.
  16. Just made a donation and if I can help in any way when I'm in Winthrop I would like to know. I have a one ton dually over there all the time and can haul goods or trailers as needed! My heart goes out to Keith! Rick
  17. Donated :)
  18. Done, and when it's time to rebuild, maybe we can put together a bunch of guys with knowledge and experience to raise another home? I've put together a few houses in my day, anybody else?
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