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  1. Apparently nobody has a job anymore because EVERYBODY is already over here. I stopped fishing the Methow on the weekend a couple of years ago to try and avoid the crowds. Right now it is worse than any weekend I've every fished. After leaving our first hole yesterday we discovered that every single respectable piece of water had people in it and there were a lot of people fishing water that normally would never get fished. This weekend is going to be absolutely INSANE. I just hope nobody gets shot.

    Fishing as you would guess was phenomenol at daybreak yesterday. Almost every cast for a short time. After a couple of hours though the hole kind of played out and as I said above, we had a lot of trouble finding any fishable water once we left it, so we only got 1 more fish the rest of the day!

    This morning was pretty good as well, but as you would guess not as good as yesterday. The water is SUPER low right now, so I think the fish are getting put down quickly. I suspect after a couple more mornings it is going to get tough until some more water gets in the river.

    Also as you might expect, river etiquette is out the window over here. My buddy and I got into a small hole about 20 minutes before first light and had been fishing it for a couple of hours. 2 guys then came right into the hole and one of them mover right between us. My buddy had kind of moved down a few yards to check out the tailout and couldn't get back into the main part of the hole. We finally just sat on the bank for half an hour, let them fish it, and then continued fishing after they left.
  2. I place the blame squarely on the internet.
  3. iagree Im home today with my sick daughter and I caught a Seasons on the Fly episode on FSN. they had an epic day(s) on the Methow. anybody who saw that and lives fairly close is prolly there too.
  4. They've played that same show for the last couple years. Coincidence that they play it again right as the season opens?

    The classic line is Jack Mitchell saying how it's uncrowded fishing, but that the last year they've seen a few more people than usual. Ya think????

    Internet, population explosion, Californians? Whoever you blame, it's not much fun trying to chase steelhead on a watery version of I-5.

    My .02,

  5. just curious, where were you fishing the river? close to pateros?

    thanks for the heads-up... maybe a college football weekend and time with the kids is in order.

    thanks again,
  6. That poor little river. It holds no appeal for me anymore. Steelheading has become so damn popular.
  7. Pan, dude, don't ya want to make the scene.
    Big 4X4 truck, $1000.00 rod and reel, another $1000.00 in waders, boots, hats, gloves, vests, nets, staff, and the list goes on and on and on.
    All for some poor skinny hatchery steelie that may not be 20" long.
    The fish of 1000 casts or one fish for every 1000 casters
  8. On another thread there was like 19 camps on the Klickatat. The Ronde is getting very crowded, the Deschutes is crazy (but luckily a pretty big long river), and I imagine the Wenatchee is also seeing a lot of pressure. Is it the internet or just an explosion of population and interest in steelhead on the fly? I'm glad I am too busy in October chasing upland birds to worry about steelhead (and I think a lot of those steelheading are upland hunters who are not competing with me for hunting grounds, so maybe this steelhead thing has a silver lining!) Rick
  9. Sageman,
    Thanks for the very timely and honest report.

    I don't think we can blame 'the internet' for this phenomena. Before the internet people blamed their favorite places being despoiled on magazine articles, on books, etc. All these places just keep getting more and more and more crowded as a result of folks increased ability to move about the country and continued explosive population growth!

    Still, sigh....
  10. Steelhead, the new Humpy....;)
  11. Haha
  12. correction:

    eastside hatchery brats... the new humpy
  13. know when opening weekend frackus gets over....and it actually gets cold...most yay hoo's are back at home trying to figure out what team should win the BCS

    Leaving the river to us nut jobs who enjoy frozen legs, frozen guides and still grabby steelfaces....

    quit sobbing and get fishing
  14. We drove up and down the bottom 20 miles or so of river. Once you get up pat Carlton the shore access gets pretty limited for awhile.

    I think the fish are a bit shellshocked right now. We didn't fish as hard after 12:00 today, but still only had 2 fish amongst 3 of us fishing what should have been some pretty good water. About a fish for every 8-9 angler hours.

    Need a little rain over here, the river is barely over 300csf.
  15. As I fisherman, I say the same thing about hunting season.... It keeps a lot of guys off the river. Problem is, the Methow happens to be in hunting country, so you get all the cast and blasters fishing it....
  16. Indeed there should be a large volume of traffic on the river
  17. Thank god for the Clearwater. The size of her alone gets rid of 90% of people "wanting" to steelhead.
  18. Cameron..your posts leave me totally confused. Either they are a simple ".", confusing as above, or deragatory. What the hell are you trying to say and where are you coming from? I know that you have a serious issue with the Methow and Twisp, but these posts are confusing to me.
  19. The Snake leaves the other 10% scratching their head.


  20. Huge water!
    Love the snake, some of the best fish I've ever hooked (not landed) have come from there.

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