Methow Report

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  1. Now Rich everyone knows you can't catch steelhead on skated or dead drifted dries and that you need to use a weighted nymph or bunny leech under a large indicator if you really want to catch them instead of just wasting your time getting casting practice. We must not lead the newcomers to steelhead adrift by mentioning such blasphemy as fishing a skated dry and actually expecting to hook one.

    Repeat after me, "indicators and nymphs, indicators and nymphs, indicators and nymphs. If you want to catch a steelhead that is what you must use."

    Let's all join in now, "Everyone must use nymphs"! or else we are living in the yellow submarine waiting to see Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
  2. I've thought the same thing, but I don't do all that well on the orange skaters. A wally waker with big white wings is by far the best skater I've found. This past week I was trying a variety of them and I did bring up a couple on a black and brown one and and couple on a black foam skater with chartreuse wings, but every morning I'd go back through the the wally waker and bring up several additional fish.

    I'm sure that if you just dead-drifted a big orange october caddis all day, you'd eventually bring up a couple of fish. They do like something solid though. I rarely have them come up after my thingamabobber, but they'll frequently come up after a corky-type orange indicator.
  3. So true...If a summer run fish will rise to a dry and that's what you enjoy doing..does it make your dick bigger because you catch more with your bobber? That's what gets me everytime I read this crap...When did the number of fish you catch have anything to do with your skill as a fisherman? Why did you take up the fly in the first place then? Cause you like how your ass looks in waders?
    Change the name of the river and the same argument re appears...Maybe I'm biased..but I don't see that many guys on these sites bitching about guys screwing up the water with their nymphing....can't say the same about the rest of you though!!!

    I get pissed off by the gen.x's and doctors and lawyers who think their spey rod gives them some unwritten power..but generally that has more to do with that person AS a person then what gear they are using...
    I don't gong show with a big spey rod...I don't gong show if I can avoid it...I don't gong show over, if I can avoid it for hatchery fish....

    Another busy river...more of the same!!!
  4. who knows? a fisheman must go where he goes in his own mind and if the dry fly is in his mind he will catch one i have had meny days looking for the one and found alot more dont give up hope when i find myself floundreing for one fish i sput on that one fly and skate it!! things seem to happen!!!
  5. oh ya a shout out to mr. mumbles you are the man i would like to take you fishing some time i could show you all my secrets if you would not brodcast it too much lol
  6. After reading this, here's a perspective: As our water's become more crowded by shrinking opportunity and a larger population, traditional stream side ettiquette will be imperative as a behavior for us all to enjoy a day on the river. It doesn't matter the method used, just move through the run and give a fellow fisher an opportunity. If the concern is about numbers of fish caught at any cost the fishing will always be a disappointment to yourself and other anglers. Unfortunately, were loosing sight of the much bigger picture and that is of the fact we are fishing for a shrinking resource and more worried about our catching.
  7. here here go to the bst topwater skate and be happy withthe best top.
  8. mumbles any top stuff for yo?
  9. What does this mean?
  10. iwas kinda wonderin th samething
  11. Cliff,

    I know that hole you took a picture of and I could have easily been one of those guys "resting" the hole.

    That is one hell of a zoom on that camera, because I know the ridge you were standing on as well.

  12. Is the Chewuch open because I'll be shooting there on the 16th and 17th of Oct.

  13. Open for fishing? No.

    The chewuch opens June 1st, same with the twisp, and the other tribs
  14. Good because I'll be taking photos of the fall colors along the river, didn't want a fisherperson on every rock;) to ruin the photo unless we have some spey gods that weekend;)
  15. Methow Report - r u kidding?

    The Chewuch, Twisp, and Methow above Winthrop have been closed since the middle of August - read the regs! :beathead:
  16. Methow Report - r u kidding?

    Guess we must have posted at the same time or you can't read:rolleyes:

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