Methow Report

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Irafly, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Irafly Active Member

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    Made it over Friday night and fished from 4:40 to about 6:10. In that time I hooked two for sure and landed one of those that was wild. I did hook briefly another fish but it was quick.

    Saturday I started early and hooked a fish quickly but I lost it just as quick. After that I tried my best to keep giving my brother the best water. After he watched me hook a sucker, then a steelhead that broke off, then a king, he decided he wanted my rock. I switched him places and within 35 minutes I was done with my two hatchery fish on the bank. He moved back to where he was fishing, but he never did hook anything until we moved up river. That fished pulled him in and after he finally found his footing it broke him off.

    I also landed my first silver on the river.

    This was not the Methow that I am used to fishing, but through multiple fly changes (a October caddis nymph worked well and eggs, not so much) and depth changes.... well who knows.
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  2. Jonathan Tachell Active Member

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    Cool. Glad you got into some fish.
  3. cmann886 Active Member

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    Nice report. What is your favorite fly for this time of year? The oct caddis nymph?
  4. TD Active Member

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    You did better than we did. 1 hatchery fish and 1 bull trout. There were quite a few Kings in the river and we even saw a couple coho. We did our best to steer clear of the salmon. Having never fished it before, we tried to drive long stretches of it and then go back and try spots we'd seen. Fun river to fish. It was not as low as I expected.
  5. Only On A Fly Active Member

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    Sounds like a good trip. On my way to Pulaski N.Y. to fish Steelhead for a week
  6. Irafly Active Member

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    Whatever the fish want to eat. Each year it seems to change for me. A few years ago a large Prince was money, but since then nada. Blue was big one year, purple, etc... I find that changing often seems to be the key for me.
  7. ribka Active Member

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    For once I agree hope and change will work.

    Cool you hooked up a silver
  8. Kaiserman content

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    It's funny actually. The "Great Debate", for lack of better words, of a certain fly vs just getting the fly presented to them (regardless of color and/or pattern).

    I have sight fished to several steelies, and found both to be true. There were days that it didn't seem to matter what I had on, the fish would take it. In the same exact spot, same year just a different day (the weather was practically the same on all occasions), I'd have to get the color right - and the presentation didn't matter what-so-ever. <- I found that last scenario to be true even more so when I fished in Alaska for Silvers just a mile from the ocean.

    Who knows for sure. Maybe they are just as moody as bass are :D.

    Either way, glad you could tag a few. By the way, how were the crowds? Were there a ton of folks there?
  9. TD Active Member

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    There were cars in nearly every turn out. Some had multiple cars. Quite a few rafts floating the river. We managed to find places to fish that didn't have anyone else at them and a couple of times were "joined" by others. One spot had a couple of cars but no one in sight so fished it. We were probably fishing behind them or they were in a boat above or below. Further down the river we saw a few places where they were a bit crowded with anglers. There were wolves, gang bangers, tweekers, Sasquatch, and bears though so you have to watch your back.
  10. Irafly Active Member

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    Yep, there were other folks there, but everything stayed congenial. I talked to a lot of other anglers who never touched a fish.
  11. Broderick Smith SeaToTree

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    Nice! Sounds like you did very well. I talked to a few guys who didn't do so well. Group of 4 only got 1.
  12. Irafly Active Member

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    I talked to another buddy today who does quite well there and he did not do well over the last couple of days. It is sounding more and more like I might have hit it just right and that I was lucky to hit my two fish.
  13. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    I've fished 3.5 days there now. Not going to say I've been skunked yet, but I had to work way harder for them this year than previous seasons. We've only been finding fish in the historical honey holes, and only in very small numbers compared to last seasons. Every other angler I spoke to on the river was fish less when I talked to them. I was planning to make one more trip, but after the last two days, I have decided to call it a season.
  14. Sageman Member

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    I was up there Tuesday and Wednesday and it was really tough. I caught a fish on literally my first cast, which is always a bad sign. I made the cast while I was still stripping line off my reel. A couple of hours later I found one in a narrow slot between a couple of boulders in pocket water. That was it. I moved down to the "meat market" downstream for the last 2.5 hours or so and didn't get a take. I saw one other fish caught down there and one other hooked. Talking to some other guys and there were the occasional hookups, but nobody reported more than a fish or two and a lot of people hadn't touched a thing. Wednesday was the single most miserable day I've spent on the river. It rained, like REALLY rained, the entire time and was still 39 degrees in Pateros when I finally gave up and left around 2:30. I started by hiking a 2 mile stretch of river I like upstream and didn't see a single person there. River had come up a few inches from the rain but was still clear and I hit every single pocket and run on my way downstream. I didn't spend a ton of time on the big runs, but made sure I hit each seam at least once and switched flies frequently. I got one dark king that I watched come over and take the fly, but that was my only take. Again moved down to the lower river and hiked all the way up around the corner and again worked my way down hitting every little slot. I finally got a take in a faster-moving run that I hooked up with for just a second or two (preserving an obscenely long streak of at least hooking a fish every day I've fished the Methow), but that was it. I saw one guy walking out with a fish, and saw a jig fisherman catch one (I think on his first cast), but of the 10 or so guys I talked to nobody else had caught a fish.

    I've fished the river in wet conditions before and in very cold conditions as well, but have generally been rewarded for my efforts. That is the wettest and coldest I have been for no reward and I fished HARD, covering about 4 miles of river on foot. Still a beautiful river and happy I made the trip, but I didn't warm up until I was on the other side of Wenatchee on my way home. My two buddies didn't even fish. One of them forgot their raincoat and they sat in the parking lot watching the rain, saw that nobody was catching any fish, and finally just headed home on Wednesday without wetting a line.
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  15. Freestone Not to be confused with freestoneangler

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    Sageman, that sucks. It has been really cold and wet over here. I thought I lived on the 'dryside' but this cold, wet weather is supposed to continue for the next week. Crap!

  16. slim Fish or Ski...Fish or!

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    Freestone, that looks like perfect weather for steelheading to me!
  17. Sageman Member

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    The problem is that the water is cooling rapidly right now and that turns the fish off. I've seen it in past years when the fishing is great, the weather suddenly cools and the fishing shuts down. 2009 was a particularly good example of this. Once the weather stabilizes and the fish acclimate it should get better. The same water temps in January would mean phenomenal fishing. Wednesday was like steelheading in SE Alaska in April.
  18. Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

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    Have many fish made it up to the Twisp area?
  19. Broderick Smith SeaToTree

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    Not that I could tell. i fished there this weekend. It was SLOWWWW. Fish really aren't in the system yet. 5 guys working a lot of water and good experience. I landed 1 fish and that was the only landed fish. We found a pod and hooked a few that got off, but that was only for a little bit and after 3 days of working the system all over. I think this rain will be good. One guy hooked his 1st steelhead ever, fell in during the fight fully submerged, gets up fish swims at his head and then jumps and shakes the hook - all on video i will post it later today.
  20. fastpitchpete Member

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    Post away, can't wait to see it!