Methow River to close Sept. 18 to all fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Freestone, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Tricky situation SCHLAB, but if you have a 4, 5, or 6 wt. rod like any guy would who is fishing for cutbows, chances are the fish would break u off right away, or you would know there is no way you could handle that fish w/ the light trout gear you should be using. It's tough, I know. I can't lie, I would cast at the fish for sure. Dumb human instinct.
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    WTF? There's nothing tricky about it. It is either right or wrong, not kind of. Anyone who would abuse this loop hole is an idiot and not a real steelheader, or fisherman for that matter. Many of us over here know we could pick up aggressive fish, skating in late summer on one of the most beautiful steelhead rivers in existence. Why don't we? It’s wrong…... that’s it.

    Shlab, what would I do? I wouldn't fish the Methow this time of year because it's closed to steelheading and the likelihood of me catching a steelhead is good. Nice mentality.:rolleyes:

    As far as Dickson goes: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    I think everyone missed "Methow's" post on the second page. Reread it, it's the best post on here.
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    There are miles and miles of productive Columbia river tribs with some fraction of 332k steelhead headed into them. The Methow is cute, and the towns are nice, but there are other places I'd rather be.

    What irritates me about this whole process is that there are hatchery fish in the system that could be getting whacked now, but when a good portion of the hatchery fish are gone, and the portion of wild fish much higher, the river will likely remain open to fishing. As far as I'm concerned, east-side fisheries with wild populations in need of protection should close Dec. 31st and re-open June 1st.

    For those that don't know, Methow hatchery fish with just 1 wild parent are not fin-clipped, meaning that they are considered wild if they successfully return. In light of that, there doesn't seem to be any real reason to ensure the complete removal of clipped fish.
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    Trevor the length of any steelhead season on the Methow and other waters of the Upper Columbia is based on the the set number of true wild steelhead that are impacted by hook and release. True not all Ad. Pres. fin fish are wild but the season opens and closes based on the true wilds.....this number is determind before the season by way of hands on sampling of fish ie... DNA testing etc. The hatchery wild fish are not considered wild for this purpose.
    Also for FYI not enough hatchery marked fish are being kept by anglers during the past steelhead seasons and as such this could have a impact on future seasons....look for some possible new rules if we do have season this year.
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    Methow- Last season you gave me the low-down on needing to whack fish. I normally release everything, but I will carry a fillet knife over there this fall.

    Thanks for all the info.

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    did a search on this guide, wow! Where is the responce from his employee we usually see? I read about stolen pictures, stolen fly pattern, stolen deposit, and now this. Like someone else said, "Where there's smoke, there's fire." No pussy footing around it.... this guy sounds like a class A DIRTBAG. Everyone comes down so hard on any newbie who misunderstands the regs and we have people defending this so called guide?:beathead: Screw him! A guide is the one person who should know and follow the rules, his license should be terminated immediatly or such an uproar should begin to force him out of biz. And don't talk about incidental catch, most of the poachers claim to be fishing for a legal fish while accually targeting an illegal fish. All you needed to do is drive past the stilly last week to see all the people fishing for silvers, claiming to be fishing for SH. Sorry about the rant but I am sick and tired of criminals, yes criminals getting away with this shit.
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    I don't think a single person defended the guide, they just tried to derail the logic of those that put so much blaim on him.

    Read Methow's post carefully. Therein lies the perspective of someone who lives there and understands the situation fully.

    The fact is, if Dickson weren't there, this still would have happened, I would bet money on that.

    You all need to stop pointing fingers and blaiming the one high profile guide we have around here. If you don't like him, talk some dirt, but don't blaim him for the Methow closing, that is just jumping to conclusions and is not very well though out.

    I was there 2 weeks ago and it was a ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and that was well before the infamous posting.

    I will qoute Methow's post here to make things easier for those to read it:

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    No, I wouldn't leave the river. I would and did move on. I did however pass 3-4 people bragging about catching several steelhead. Nice one d*ckhead!

    Based on my own knowledge and the definition of the rules presented in this post it seems that FISHERMANs' actions have a direct impact on the seasonal regs. Sounds fare.

    Don't f*ck it up guys!

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    Jason, I don't want to move this thread off track, but it certainly appears like you have some sort iron in the Dickson fire. What's the association?
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    This shoudl read "Stop f*cking it up guys!". The damage is already done for this year.
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    Nothing really except that each time I have met him he has been informative and friendly.

    Hell, almost everybody around here reads his weekly fishing reports which helped me back in my beginings. He has been doing those for how long now? Has to be a decade or more.

    I just get tired of people pointing a finger with stuff like this, gives him too much credit for one thing, and just doesn't add up for another.

    Seems like he is the PNW fly fishing community's punching bag.

    It just shows how irrational most people are.
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    Jason, can you clarify one thing for me? I don't know the guy or really much of the Wa. scene as you know...But reading this thread I wouldn't have made the connection if you hadn't named him...Then you kind of keep doing this back track on saying we shouldn't hold him accountable...It's kind of like you want your cake and eat it too...You can't bust a guys balls on here and then say your standing up for him can you?

    It sucks about the river closing but in my jaded getting older age I have to stop and wonder why/how we can all be so pissed off at anglers for causing this closing and say nothing about let's see....The mouth of the Nooksack being raped by the indians EVERY night with their nets and our futile efforts and tax dollars going to hatchery programs with little to no chance of success because of this...etc. etc.

    It's like we're really all pissed off about something/someone else but instead vent on the convenient and safe fallback of it's all our own flyguys doing..or guides for that matter...I don't know maybe this doesn't make sense to allot of you or maybe i'm barking up the wrong tree but I find it sad somehow that the few places we as flyfisherman can really enjoy closes and we only blame each other...I have never fished that river, only driven by it and wondered...I know guys who were going over this weekend for TROUT...and had looked forward to hearing their report...I know the 4th corner guys rave about it and have seen some pic's but I often scratch my head at what some consider big fish on 4/5 wt rods and I think, Shit that's why I bought a 000, 5 wt rods are for 6+lb and up trout not dinkers...and yet because it's like...everyone is just so happy to have somewhere..anywhere to fish that have even these little guys in them they make it a mecca!!!
    Maybe one possible solution is a gear restriction instead of closure...Why not make it fly only, no external weights or floats (indicators), floating line and 2wt rod max./ 3 lb leader max allowed??? Seems it would solve and save your fishery and be allot easier on all involved then the extreme of closing the river???
    Yeah I know all the obvious arguments but has this been discussed???
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    To be fair Jack Mitchell and Steve Joyce get some abuse around here too.

    When you're a guide and your making money off of our public resource and then run around talking about what an advocate for the river(s) you are... you better make sure that everything you do is above board.

    have good fishing,
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    Others were making the connection already and I knew from previous experience where all this was going as far as Dickson bashing.

    My stance isn't about defending him, just pointing out how stupid it is to blaim him so much for this as if he is the main reason the Methow is closing.

    Yes it blows. And it blows hard.

    Exactly my point! These words couldn't be more apt.

    Lets try and direct our energy at the real issues like letting water over dams in the Methow's case.
  15. Mark Moore Just a Member

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    If I was a guide I'd be the first one to call this guy out. Stuff like this is just as bad as some jerk acting like he owns the river because he's a guide and pays the fees and insurance. It's not his f'cking river!!! The sad part is it just gives more and more of the REAL pros a bad name.

    You can't read this guys post and not get the idea that he is being less than forthright. If a guide suggested to me that I could take advantage of a loophole in the reg's THAT WOULD BE THE END OF THE TRIP,PERIOD. And he could kiss his tip goodbye, and hope I didn't report him.

    He has an ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY to do it right, just like all professionals. His clients need to take some heat as well, it's their fishing license therefore it is their responsibility to know the reg's!

    It makes me mad as hell for the guides I know that do it right, they teach courtesy, ethics, and good sportsmanship as well as how to get a fish to hand and guys like this just don't deserve to be included in their ranks.

    I have tipped generously on more than one guided trip when we got got skunked, because if your guide is a pro you never go away empty handed.:mad:
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    I got so many comments I could write a book. But I'll keep most of that to myself.

    But a thanks goes to Freestone for your #51 post. Great summary.

    Methow, your thoughts, insight and opinions are always welcomed.

    WT, I have never seen too much anti stuff about Mitchell or Joyce. Maybe I've missed it? Seen plenty on Dickson though.

    Golfman, you presented some interesting options in gear restrictions. However, it has been my opinion that steelhead may be more prone to hitting dries that those "tanker" cutthroat that seem to lie on the bottom and eat eggs and streamers this time of year. Besides, you might be putting at risk all your larger trout by placing restrictions on the line/rod/tippet size and the inability to land them quickly in warmer water.

    Overall, lots of interesting discussion regardless of your opinions.
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    In this specific case, yes, fishermen are to blame. The river closed because too many steelhead were caught by fishermen. The comments on the report were made by a fisherman. To say fishermen are not responsible for there actions and shouldn't be called out for negative or illegal behavior because there are bigger issues affecting our fisheries is irresponsible as a community. Not to say the fishing community thinks as itself as such, but in the eyes of many (i.e.uninformed, lawmakers, etc.) all fishermen (fly & gear, moral & immoral, legal & illegal) fall under a single umbrella and are judged as a community.
  18. Todd Robbins Wishin' I was fishin'

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    They need to put that note in the state regs. I was fishing the Methow a few weeks ago and didn't know anything about this, even after carefully reading 'the book'...
  19. Methow Active Member

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    One more point then I say no more... There are rivers in this state where you can legaly harvest wild steelhead. Ok the law says you can...but from what I have read from everyones comments on this issue don't think anyone here would take one.... But again the law says I can legaly do so....Ethicaly I would just cause the laws says you can, does that it make it right?...if so I would expect those that were targeting steelhead here will be harvesting their one wild steelhead from one of the open rivers where it is legaly aloud...Just cause it says you can does not make it right when there are other factors involved...
  20. montnative born and raised in the Beartooths

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    Amen to that brother!