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  1. I don't know if the exact number can really be known.
  2. So what is covered specifically for the Columbia endorsement? Barbless hooks aaaaaand?

    Now you are talking the same cost but only for a small area.

    Classroom wasn't my idea but websites, especially ones like that aren't cheap. Evan, you would know more about than I would. How much does something like the boaters pass site cost?
  3. Well we saw the government just drop 300+million on the healthcare sites and look what that got us
  4. A site like that wouldn't cost much at all to host. Probably in the hundreds of dollars per month range. Depends on how much of the content was photo/video. But you can easily host those on other servers like youtube and get around that. Otherwise, a user database and the course content is all you're really storing/sending.

  5. I'll chime in to, and try to round up support. I'd be all in. I'm even literate and stuff :)
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  6. Hell the training could be put on Youtube, WDFW channel, and the only compulsory would be the exam. If the questions are worded properly, one would be able to receive training from just taking the test. The point is to at least expose anglers to some fundamental ideas.

    Just some thoughts, lots of possibilities, and certainly no reason not to do it.
  7. Yeah, I haven't really heard too many good arguments against it yet. Mostly just guys who think themselves above it and that it shouldn't apply to them. After seeing the new boater license certification thing implemented, I think the fishing license certification thing would be a much easier thing to do.
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  8. Are you all aware of a company called American Canadian Fisheries Inc. (without using google)?
  9. No.
  10. I agree. Pretty sure there aren't a lot of hatchery fish taken yet. We got 1 after 3 days. The Wdfw lady had similar ratios when talking to her Monday.
  11. Alright well let me preface this by saying that I 100% support a class and I think its a great idea.


    American Canadian Fisheries is a company in Bellingham that for a little over $600k/yr buys roughly 90% of fish carcasses produced from wdfw hatcheries. Instead of putting these carcasses back into the river systems providing food, nutrients, etc for fish to live off of, they sell them to this company for cash. The company then turns it into different food (cat food, etc) and makes a few million off it.

    The reason I bring this up is because even if we take an absurd estimate of 500 wild steelhead killed each year due to uneducated anglers, that number pales in comparison to the thousands that die in the rivers due to starvation and never even get a chance to hit the salt.

    Think about it. I'll keep these #'s simple to illustrate my point

    10k fish return. 9,000 of those carcasses are sold off and 1,000 are put back into the river to provide food. However, all of the smolts are released into the rivers. Thousands of these fish simply starve to death due to there not being enough food to support them all. If a run of 10,000 fish occurred naturally (btw im not just talking steelhead), a major part of their natural survival is dependent on the food produced from the parents dying and the carcasses decomposing in the rivers. Anadromus fish have relied on this food source for centuries. If you were to let these fish spawn and then remove 90% of their carcasses, how would their offspring survive? They wouldn't.

    Its to the point that it literally does not matter how many fish return if the rivers simply cannot support the offspring due to this mismanagement.

    Gary Loomis (I'm sure you've heard of G Loomis rods) wrote/was quoted in a great piece in a magazine I read over the summer explaining this absurd situation

    TLDR: no point spending cash on stuff that only saves 50-100 fish or whatever the # may be when thousands starve to death simply due to mismanagement/lack of funding.
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  12. Well get after it then! I don't think anybody here needs convincing. I'd like to think all here would pass the test without the class. I'd happily pay another $20 in license fees if it would save 100 wild fish a year!

    I went the other route. I got the OK from WDFW to put up some mono collection tubes. Those tubes will be placed in spots the uninformed angler would probably stop and fish. Just so happens there will be some educational signs attached to said tubes.
  13. Not to sound like too be a prick here but the boaters education card is a dumb enough idea. A class for fishing Columbia and the tribs? Really? Let's push more people under the radar..... and we all know there isn't enough enforcement on the water already.

    I'd like to cut and paste this over to one of the gear sites like PP. com and see how many laughs it would generate. Seriously.
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  14. I'm sure the PP forum is already reading this trying to get reports for the up coming weekend.
  15. They can laugh all they want. I'm a big believer that education can make a difference. No number of guys who think themselves too good to go through it is going to convince me otherwise.
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  16. Funding this CR endorsement class and test should be a snap. Two things happened after the endorsement fee was proposed by upper CR anglers to WDFW. The Legislature raised the cost and applied it to the entire CR system and not just the upper river. So it's raised millions of dollars, and WDFW needs good ideas on how to spend it. At first they were going to spend it on whatever they wanted (the Legislature gave them that latitude, which was stupid.), but sportsmen raised enough of a ruckous that WDFW appointed an advisory committee to review and approve projects. If the committee likes it, maybe WDFW would actually invest in angler education.

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  17. Assuming that others think they are too good for anything is a bit condescending. Another course so people can enjoy their recreation just seems a bit absurd. While the intention is good, and may be best for the resource, another layer of BS (my opinion only) would seem to only push people under the radar.

    I'm sure our government would love this idea as they know best that we've become too f'n stupid to be able to run our own lives. We need another course. I've never been a follower and may be in the minority on this but I ain't fer it.
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  18. Well, we have a very high percentage of people who use our resources who don't know things as simple as how to handle a fish for release. On a weekly basis, I'm emailed photos from my company's customers of the wild steelhead, trout, salmon they caught and released, while holding the thing up by the gills while it bleeds everywhere. It's things like this that I think would go a long way with education. Partaking in a limited natural resource is a serious responsibility, and many don't even know the right questions to ask in learning about how to conduct themselves while enjoying them. With something as fragile as ESA listed steelhead, I think it a pretty small thing to ask someone to go through.
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  19. What I'd really like to see is more enforcement. I understand the money isn't there but there is absolutely no enforcement anywhere that I fish. I'd love to be checked every other time on the water. I'd like for the fish police to go float the Pilchuck in March and April or North Fork Stilly from Cicero on down during the off months to catch people who are out there every single day fishing out of there back yards and bonking every single nate that impales itself on their spin n glow.

    We don't have that now. We don't have enforcement, period. Taking a course to be able to steelhead fish or just get a fishing license period is another program I'd rather not see. I already abide by the laws and regulations and others don't. How is this going to change that?
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  20. People learning to handle fish from an online course is silly, at best. The only way to learn how to handle fish is to handle fish. How about putting a couple more pages in the pamphlet telling people that holding a steelhead by the gills is a no no and will result in a fine? They're slippery little bastards and no power point presentation is going to give people the ability to do it correctly.

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