Methow Shutdown

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  1. Enforcement!! Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. All the money raised via the Columbia Endorsement should be used for enforcement!
    The VAST majority of those killing wild fish know EXACTLY what they're doing. Stick them with a huge fine and lost licensing for a few years and the problem will go away. Serious consequences are a much better motivator than online training/education, etc.

    Edit: PT beat me to it. The best solution demands the highest cost to the violator.
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  2. I'd like to see both
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  3. Trouble is one costs the law abiding angler more money, the other only costs the violator.
  4. We didn't need another course for the saltwater angler who fish over ESA listed fish. Those runs are no less important. No handling of the fish, release in the water except on boats of a certain size.

    Handling Rule: in Areas 5-13, it is illegal to bring

    a wild SALMON or a species of SALMON aboard

    a vessel if it is unlawful to retain those SALMON.

    "Aboard a vessel" is defined as inside the gunwale.
  5. We're zero for two so far.

  6. I've never been checked by enforcement in 34 years. Creel surveys, counters, etc. But I've never been asked to show a license. But I don't suppose I give them much a reason to run me down and randomly check my license.
  7. The last two trips out I've seen and spoken with a wdfw officer. Didn't get checked either time but they are out there
  8. A class for the license is a good idea! the volunteers who teach the hunter safety class are usually Master Hunters, who do it as part of their mandatory licensing component. I don't see why this can't be done here as well: create a "master fisher" license like the Master Hunter program, with perks and requirements. Why the hell not?
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  9. This is a topic that needs it own thread. If the general public knew to the extent that American Canadian is using a public resource to make a profit and robbing potential nutrient enhancement projects that would be beneficial for ESA listed fish, all the while being condoned by the state, there would be an outcry to such a travesty.

    Regarding the main topic of this discussion, I have plenty opinions but I'll just keep them to myself at this time.
  10. The state justifies it by saying the 600+k cash the wdfw gets is used to fund habitat and stuff. But again, habitat is useless if fish starve to death anyways.

    Although quite outdated, here's a bit more info:
  11. I would support a course for fishing for wild Steelhead and would support a Puget Sound Endorsement fund. But they would need to open a few/couple of PS rivers - Skagit, Nooksack and the Skykomish (just to name three). Anglers choosing to utilize this resource would get angling opportunity, Anglers pay a Feb, March, April fee - the department gets more funds to work with and we would take pressure off of the OP rivers.
    I would support a Olympic Peninsula Endorsement fund with the same guidelines as well - the state could break this out into three Regions for CnR Wild Steelhead angling opportunity.

    So my question to anglers fishing the Methow - Are you hoping for a strong run of hatchery fish, so they can fish longer or hoping for more native fish retuning - so they can't fish at all. This seems like a shity position to be in as an angler who fishes those systems
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  12. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Methow. That's were I learned to fly fish at the age of 8 by my grandpa how lived on the river.this was the first year I have fished there since I was a kid lots of old memory's we used to float it in tubes from gold creek to Pateros. Any way that's a good question Cris and I wish I had an answer. But am glad to see other people care as much as I do about the Met.
  13. Same for me. My grandparents are/were Twisp natives, and I cast my first fly rod, and caught my first fish on a fly in that river. My pilgrimage there every year is about one of the only things in my life I'm sentimental about.
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  14. Back to the idea of a license class for a moment, perhaps it's time to get off the collective couch and give this a try. I may be just blowing smoke here, but I'd be interested in working to put together a study group to examine the idea in detail, then approach one of our state "representatives" in Oly about the thought. Any takers? Who should the group include? Thoughts, fellow river keepers?
  15. Sign me up, Alex. Maybe setting up a FB group to continue the discussion and bounce ideas across each other would be a good way to go.
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  16. Sign me up. New thread? New group?
  17. Not sure what's involved in setting up a new group, having never taken a look at that function. I'll give it a try but may need some help setting it up. Film at 11:00:D
  18. It's set up. Click my link there and join. You can invite as many people as you please. I'm keeping it a closed group to try and control the number of trolls.
  19. Ah, you beat me to it!

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