Methow Shutdown

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  1. You were right, thanks for the report.

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  2. Don't blame me for the added pressure I'm busy at work trying to fund obama care...
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  3. Made one more trip. The angler pressure this year is substantially higher than I've seen the past couple seasons. For the lower number of fish, I wasn't expecting that this year. Overall, a pretty disappointing season. I have had a few good friends who know the river well come up blanked.

    That said, I've done my part to help the river
  4. The Shutdown is here. Sounds like the Methow is getting shut down within a week but I'm still waiting to hear back on the official date.

    My Columbia river trib endorsement didn't save the day.
  5. I fished the 'Natch yesterday and I saw literally no other fisherman anywhere and I fished from Dryden to below Cashmere. Not that I'm complaining. Too bad I only had one grab......

  6. That's pure magic.
  7. Pressure has been average on the snatch. Most of the fishers are at the mouth, only seeing a few boats floating the river all day.
  8. I floated the 'snatch opening day. Had the whole river to ourselves.
  9. I fished the Methow today it was slooooow only 3 fish checked by the checker
    By around 3 pm. I had 1 on only for a short strong pull, the checker
    Said she heard it would close soon but did out know a date.
    Kelly Michelsen

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