Methow Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Caddis Skater, Oct 10, 2007.

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    I'm pretty sure I'm on your 'asshole' list...but I'm not an asshole.

    I think there was a major miscommunication (on my part), which can get exacerbated in these kinds of formats (email, IM, forums, etc.). But in my defense, it's not cool to tell someone to f-off for all the forum to see, maybe it's better to send a PM concerning the 'dude you're WAY out of line here what's the problem??'

    Sorry if I pissed anyone else off...anyway, I'll be on the Methow this weekend in a red hat if anyone wants to kick my ass (but I'm 6'2" 235). Just kidding...

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    Andrew, I can't remember what you said, but i think you offended me and two friends and I said I have this one, then I think I told you to f' off. True. and My apologies.
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    yea may be true...

    but when you only get a day a month to fish, maybe a couple days to fish. and you want to make the most of those you will want to fish the river/water that will have the greatest chance of producing.
    i would hate to drive 4 hours to fish a river that has been beat to death and the fish are off the bite, just cuase i like to fish that river.
    when i can drive an hour to a river with not so many people and have a better chance to catch a fish.

    now then someone could say they are killing fish on the methow and i can drive there and not catch shiat, and someone else could say they are not catching crap on a local river and i go there and kill'em.
    thats what fishing is all about.
    BUT! some people would like to know how the past few days has been producing to deside which river they would like to fish for their one day off. that is the reason for asking reports.

    a report does not have to say exactly what hole, fly/bait, and how many fish. all you need is a yes there are fish being caught, and its worth a shot.

    when someone asks for a simple report and they get an asshole comment in return, that right there is what give fly fisherman a bad name.

    to be quite honest i never really got what people meant by comments like that about fly fisherman. but i have been fly fishing now for a year and i can see exactly what people mean when they say that.

    i have talked to quite a few guys on the river and local fly shops and man some people have real sticks up their asses.

    go fishing and have fun. but save a couple fish for me. tahts all i ask :) :beer2:
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    Being a relatively new guy too, I don't think just asking if the fish are biting and if it's busy is too much to ask, specially if it's a long drive. Now, if he asked you for the GPS coordinates of the holes you hooked up on, location of the keys in your car, whether your wife was home alone and in what room the wall safe was then, yeah, that could be construed as assholish. I pretty much draw the line at that point. Pretty much.
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    Maybe I'm "ruining" it for others, but anytime somebody wants to know about where I fish, what techniques I use, a report, etc. etc. I'm more than willing to share that info. The only time I don't share a location (except with close friends) is if it is a little creek that may not be able to handle tons of pressure. But, realistically... if I found it so have hundreds of others.
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    What would Jesus do when asked for a report?

    You're not giving away secret holes to bait fishermen... just a tiny bit of info on an ENTIRE RIVER.
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    thats how i feel. i am always willing to give a report. and im always willing to help fellow anglers out when they need a hand.

    i know im never the first to fish a hole and i know im not gonna be the last.
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    Thanks too all the replies guys, I really appreciate it. I did not mean to stir
    this board up, that was not my intention.
    I understand that fishing is fishing and there are no guarantees, nor would
    I want there to be, that is what makes fishing so fun! I have caught many
    Steelhead on the Methow and I am sure alot of people on this board have done
    the same, It is a great river by anybodys standards so I will take the trek up
    early friday morning and will have a report for anyone who wishes when I get back.
    Thanks again to everone. :beer2:

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    im gonna head over there friday morning early. gonna fish friday then hunt saturday morning and fish the afternoon then hunt the evening.
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    Good luck Caddis, I would like you to pm me when you get back and let me know how you did. As to you stirring you stirring up the bottom here, it's really like this all the time. It's wrose in the winter when the rivers are blown.
    I remember when I started fly fishing and i'd ask a guy on the river how they did and what they where using, not only would they tell me how, where and what they where using, but they would often (get this) give me flies. I don't know why people would do that, but I've done it since then as it was done to me. In fact in happened to me in the OP a couple of months ago. I ran into some guide I wanted to hire, but he couldn't take me that day, (Jim Kerr), and he told me exactly what river to hit, where on the river and then dialed me in with about 5 flies, then went through my fly boxes and showed me what to use. Thanks to him and his help I caught 2 steelhead. Being nice to other is not hard, not in my opinion. Caddis there ar others on this board that are jsut as helpful, so don't bolt.
    again, good luck this weekend.
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    Okay, I'll probably get flamed for this, but I can't for the life of me understand how anyone would post a positive, location-specific steelhead report on the internet any more. And by location-specific, I mean a report that specifically names the river you fished. (There are plenty of ways to post an entertaining report without naming the river - "one of the S rivers" or "an eastside steelhead river".) Naming a river within a day's drive of any major population density in a positive report about steelheading is a sure fire way to increase the pressure on that system. I used to underestimate the power of the internet in causing hordes of anglers to descend on the latest "hot spot", but I don't anymore - particularly when it comes to steelhead. People are just frickin' obsessed with steelhead, even when they've never caught one or have any reason to know why they should be obsessed. I frankly don't understand the phenomenon, but it's there, and it's part of the reality we have to deal with as steelhead anglers now. In my view, expecting fly anglers to post location-specific steelhead reports on the internet is asking too much in this day and age. I don't think I'm alone in saying that part of the allure of "flyfishing" is to go experience, if not solitude, at least some decent space between you and other people. Most flyfishers I know don't want to go have a "Minter Creek" experience fishing a place like the Methow. For those who come from the gearfishing tradition, where people seem to really enjoy a more "social" fishing experience, I could see how they might not understand that. But coming on the 'net and asking for a report on a fishery as small and "over-loved" as the Methow probably isn't going to elicit much of a response from experienced steelhead anglers. Because in their minds, putting up a report just increases the odds that the next time they go there they will be competing with X times as many anglers. Some folks may think that sucks, but no one ever became a good steelhead fly angler by asking people on the 'net when and where to fish. Those guys work for it, which sometimes means driving long distances and getting blanked. I know others feel differently, but I would not post a positive location-specific steelhead report out of respect for the types of anglers who do not need a positive report on the 'net to get motivated to head to the river.
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    O mykiss said it best.
    why the hell would anybody post a fishing report on the goddamn internet?

    don't sh*t where you eat.
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    i see the internet as more of a place to discuss gear, techniques, general reports without giving away exact locations (at least too soon after the fact), and the age-old art of telling fishing stories and lies.
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    Just remember that steelheading and the waters we do it in is a sport on a double edge sword...On one end there's the seclusion and the secrecy, for alot of the runs can't support the pressure the masses will put on it. On the other side is the fact that the more anglers know about the plight of the runs the more their troubled journeys and environments come to light...

    and the more these issues come to light the better chance at getting things turned around...

    At least that is what I dream of!!!

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    The Yellowstone effect - if it's more than 100 feet from the road there won't be any people there. The Methow is somewhat different in the fact that every steelheader within 300 miles is already there fishing it. I've fished in places that were supposed to be hush hush right after a report on this site without seeing anyone else there the entire weekend day. Keeping everything to yourself is selfish and you should think twice before flaming a guy for asking. BTW I was on Lenore this morning with only 4 other fishermen within sight at the south end. Let's keep it nice between us fly fisher folk, at least the vast majority of us care about conserving what we have. Those who don't probably don't visit this site, and if they do, they know that one of us will give them a solid ribbing for anything they do wrong.
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    I heard the Cowlitz produces steelhead twelve months out of the year. Its located below Mt Rainier and N or Portland .... I recommend the water east of I5. Sorry for hotspotting but maybe that will help offload some pressure from the Methow :)
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    Is it me or do these new to the site come up every year, quite entertaining.

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    You took the words out of my mouth and soul.

    So much of this is true to how I feel. Maybe that makes me an arsehole but so much of this rings true to me I want to vote for you.

    Please run for something so I can vote for you.

    If you think I am being sarcastic, I am absolutely not being sarcastic.

    I remember when I saw multiple anglers on every hole on the North Fork of the Nooksack in 22 degree weather, line freezing to rods on every cast, river looking like bad stew, all the hordes of my nightmares and not one fish I heard of caught that day.....

    All thanks to a 6 steelhead in one day report that spread through Bellingham like wildfire....

    And to top it all off......

    I KNOW KNOW KNOW the report was absolute bullsheet!

    I will not reveal how I know this, I will just say that some folks were "testing the system".

    Keep it real O Mykiss!!!! You are the reelest!
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    Reports, shreports. We don't need no stinking reports!

    (But we like 'em anyway, don't we? I mean, jabbering about fishing helps kill time until we can actual fish, now doesn't it? So why not play along...)

    Regardless, the fact is, whether you get into chrome or not on your next trip east, west, north south, or wherever the hell you may go, each cast you make is one less cast toward catching your next steelhead.

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    It isn't ????

    :rofl: (ever been to the situk? :D )