Methow Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Caddis Skater, Oct 10, 2007.

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    I spent almost 8 hours driving one way to an east side river to fish for steelhead. The first wild fish I caught must have jumped 5 times, a couple of the jumps he cleared the water by at least a foot and made 2 solid runs almost to the backing. And like I said that was only the first one, the afternoon I arrived. Yeah, I hate those tired ass east side steelhead. Don't know why I spent so much time driving.

    Now was it as exciting as hooking into a Skagit steelhead weighing into the upper teens? You bet your ass it was.
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    Ok here is a updated report.....lots of fishermen maybe as many if not more the opening day.... fishing slow with fewer fish caught then the opener....This is not a BS report, but what I saw and from the anglers.
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    I'm heading to the Methow tomorrow morning and if all you ladies keep up the cacklin on this board I should have the place to myself. If not I'll be at the second hole down from Fedders bridge, 13 stones past the big boulder that looks like a toolbox. Same place every year except last. Stop by and say hi.
    Since when did fishing involve a computer?
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    :beer2: you rule!
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    Sorry, I misread your prior post to which I responded in my last post.


    I was speaking about fly fishers, not people fishing with casting or spinning gear. I often share a drift with someone fishing with gear or spinners and have no problem asking them if I could fish below them when I see they are staying in one spot. I've also shared drifts with folks fishing gear or spinners who fish through the run as the long established fly fishing protocol for steelhead and salmon, and all of us fish our way through taking a step or two after every 1-2 casts.
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    well as long as there is order in tact then nothing is wrong.

    what im talking about happens with both gear and fly fisherman. i dont care who it is that does it, fishing down ontop of someone no matter how they are fishing is just plain rude. if you must fish through a certain hole and someone is already fishing ask them if you can fish through. its simple.
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    Thinking about coming this weekend for some photo opps, spey casting, and or one hand, doing a article for the local rag.
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    I don't even car your method or reason....just don't try to punch me!:eek: