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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Josh Brower, Oct 11, 2009.

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    Leland nailed it - when I ask for a report it's more about how many fishermen I'll encounter than how many fish. :)

    Josh - there are plenty of fish in every Columbia trib open right now to justify fishing for them. From the Deschutes to Methow. Choose whichever you want to explore (and pay the $$$ to get to) - you'll have as good a chance as everyone else.

    Tight Lines!

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    C'mon your from snohomish, $100 in gas...driving an rv? Just joking.

    There ARE fish in the river, just look at what's coming up the Columbia. However, I do agree with the water level discussion. Hit it, drive it, and have some flies. The fish are in, but you have to learn the runs with the highest concetration. I've heard plenty of folks whine, but if you put in the time and find the runs, you'll find the fish. I found a few yesterday on a river near the Methow right next to the road. Don't be afraid to do your own prospecting up there right now; I did and it sure is more rewarding than waiting for a "sure shot." Also, consider the Wenatchee, it's a lot closer and there are quite a few steelhead in there.

    Have fun, it's always worth your time.

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    BTW, don't think that you need to have some secret hole in order to catch them. I think all but one of our 6-7 fish today came out of holes that are either on the road, or at least within sight of the road. If there are a lot of fish in the hole and they are left alone for an hour or so, they'll bite again. I've stayed in a single hole all day and caught fish throughout the day. Just be methodical in how you work through the hole and hit all of the spots. Change your flies often. As I posted previously, I caught one UNDER one of the bridges at roughly noon. Definitely not a "secret" hole. The one fisherman we talked to that had hooked up was also fishing a roadside hole when he hooked up.
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    Don't know about the methow, but the wenatchee is rther hit and miss :rolleyes:due to the low water they are stacked in the columbia all fish I have hooked thus far have been native along with 2 coho these fish when they move are doing it at night so hit the pockets all the way up. :beer2: if ya don't drive ya won't ever lern where thewy are go get em :D
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    Hey Josh, if you can only afford to go one time this season I would wait until one of two things happens. A rise in the water level should trigger more fish to move into the system. Try to be there within a few days after this happens. Of course this is not secret knowledge so expect some company. Be courteous and fish confidently when it's your turn in the run.

    The other thing - When the desire to fish becomes overwhelming, go. You can catch fish there in low water. The fish don't know it's low water. How could they? They've been gone for a long time. Concentrate on water with walking speed current where you can't quite make out the bottom, but be sure to let the fly swing in as far as practical, especially in low light conditions like morning and evening.

    Good luck!
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    Josh, ok here's the straight up. Fishing sucks right now, water temp 42 degrees night time temps upper teens low 20's. Talk to over 25 anglers yesterday only one fish reported to hand.

    Now then when I see reports of 7fish days it makes me wonder. I'm hoping those catches are acuring after the angler was inverviewed by WDFW or those were hook ups but not landed fish. I would hate to think anglers are not being truthfull when asked questions that are important to keep the fishery going.
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    I saw a fish checker AND game warden the first day, but have not seen one in the 6 days since...
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    The Wenatchee is also slow. We need some rain to bring in some fresh fish. The fish that are in the system are seeing stuff thrown at them all day every day and are getting a bit dour. I've primarily fished the lower river and there are guys in most every decent drift all day long. I've heard they guys who are nymphing are still picking up a few. Despite epic runs, it's still steelheading...hit and miss.
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    Another thing, don't think about releasing a hatchery fish and report none caught to any WDFW because there are wildlife officers watching the river activities from afar with binoculars. You never know. Also, if you did release a hatchery fish and say it was a wild during an interview with an officer you are only counting against (for no good reason) the total number of allowable wild fish caught during the emergency steelhead open season.

    Seems very obvious, but just reminding everyone to play it honest out there.

    Oh and fishing according to my buddy was VERY slow and VERY cold and VERY crowded. One fish for him the whole weekend and he is an accomplished steelheader fishing good holding water I put him on top of. He still had fun though which is the true aforementioned steelheader’s spirit.

    Tight lines,

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    The great thing about steelheading... you never know what's going to happen. IMO, some successful steelhead trips I took, I didn't actually connect with a fish, but they did, in fact, make me a better angler.
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    iagree Well put.
  12. TWD Travis

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    fished about 7 miles of the river on saturday, yes it was pretty nippy, crystal clear day, crystal clear water and low .... not your best s/heading conditions
    Mostly nymphing with one angler in a raft, started below Carlton and floated down to mcfarland creek (I think I don't know the river but it was a public takeout). Water was gin clear and I was surprised I didn't spot many fish. You have to think they are hiding out in the deeper holes and riffles. I put on a very light line on the indicator rig and I guess I didn't tell my angler because our one hook up got LDR with broken line. Hint: tell said angler to get his left hand off reel until I put the 25lb test on
    Saw one other fish caught on a nymph rig as well otherwise people said it was slow. I am pretty good at spotting fish from the raft and only saw 2 fish

    Rain should help, good luck

    Don't feel to bad about your economic conditions, I rode my bike upriver to save shuttle fees
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    I feel you Josh. Someday I may get to the point where I just enjoy being out there, but I am not there yet! I am by no means a diehard steelheader, therefore I only go when I hear good reports. That's just me and I don't feel bad about it at all. You don't decide the terms by which other people should fish or not fish and no one should tell you when you should fish or not fish. If you only want to go when you hear that it's "good" then that's your prerogative. I'm not going to hate. It doesn't always mean that you will do well, but at least it gives you confidence knowing that there are some fish to be caught. I don't enjoy standing in a freezing cold river; cast, step, casting a two hander all day...and IMO nymphing under an indicator is even worse. I actually think steelhead fishing without catching is about as boring as it gets! If steelhead fishing is not good, I'd rather just stay at home with my family. Anyway, don't let these guys make you feel bad for requesting a fishing report.
    Oh BTW, I do actually have a report. I went two for four yesterday on the Met, which is good steelheading IMO. The water was cold so I swung mostly black summer patterns on a sink tip. There seem to be more fish below the 10 mile marker. Most of the bridges are flanked by good runs, so just park by one head down and give it a go. :thumb:
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    Urbanfly the key to steelhead not catching is booze and other party favors.
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    Ah, yes! That's why I always see steelheaders smiling even when they are standing in freezing rain, catching nothing. I will have to try that!
  16. Josh Brower AKA Salmon, Trout, Steelheader

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    Thanks guys! and urbn, i am there with you for the most part.
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    LOL sitting here at home looking out the window and it's SNOWING. Pretty good to, ground starting to get white. Also opeing weekend of deer hunting this weekend and the hunters are already rolling in. Traffic has been pretty steady headed up to the campground past my place. Looks like another busy weekend on the river.
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    Yep, raining here in Yakima as well. No snow yet, but pretty miserable out there.
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    Ground is now all white almost 1 inch.....