Methow Valley hiking and fishing?

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by mbachhub, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. mbachhub New Member

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    Next weekend I am going to be in the Methow Valley area and would love to do some hiking and fishing. Can anyone recommend a nice hike that ends at a lake that contains some nice mountain trout. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Andy Workin in a sweet mullet

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    Try Cutthroat Lake west of Winthrop. Its a loop trail, with the lake near one side. Its about a mile hike from the east trailhead, and about 5 from the west (I think) The fish arent big, but there are lots of them and they are scrappy little guys. Another good one is called Copper Mine (or something like that). Its a pretty remote 3.5 mile hike uphill to the nice little lake. You probably wont see any people up there, as its not too popular, but do watch out for cougars. I saw one when I was there by myself last time. It was pretty scary knowing that no one could hear me scream.
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    As stated previously, Cutthroat is a good bet....very easy to get to but the fish are stunted. The other lake mentioned is Copper Glance. Very pretty, very steep, about 4 miles. Many cutts in there too...bigger than in Cutthroat Lake but not big. Also check out the lakes at Rainy Pass...Rainy and Ann. Same story as for the fish. Plenty of small cutts and the lakes are easy to get to and the views are superb. If you like to eat trout, keep a limit of the little cutts. They are hard to beat as far as trout goes.
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    Have heard good things about Cougar Lake.

  5. TANGLES Richh

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    Heading that way myself in a couple weeks. On the lakes mentioned, would a tube help or is fishing from the bank ok?
  6. Trout Master Active Member

    My neighbor just hiked up to the Hidden chain lakes northwest of Winthrop .
    It is 12 miles to the first lake which is cougar. That is where they stayed. The pictures they took were awsome, the fish Huge. The Hidden lakes are farther up the trail and the fishing is better. He daid the trail was ok But it is a long hike so not much pressure. I will never make the hike(Too Fat and Bad knees) So try them. ;) The other cougar lake is great fishing but does not open untill sept 1st.
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    Thanks for all of the information. I think that I will give cutthroat lake a try.