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  1. Anyone heard/experienced the Methow in the last week or so? What's up?
  2. Haven't fished it lately but have been monitoring the flows. 230 cfs as of today which is less than half of normal; it's a trickle. It's only open to trout between Gold Creek Rd. and Weeman Bridge. I'd let her rest and hope for rain.
  3. iagree
    Low and slow. Ground is parched over there, needs a whole bunch of rain, hopefully not all at once like last fall. Chewauch can still put out a whole bunch of mud during a gulley washer, left over from the slide last year.
  4. I'm in Chelan today and was going to fish the Methow tomorrow. Any advice? Should I bring trout gear and stealhead gear? Is it any good near the city of Methow?
  5. jroni, sorry to say that fishing for steelhead is closed currently on the Methow River. I'm waiting to hear news about an opener October 1, which they usually don't release until evening of September 30.

    Trout season is open until Sept 30, but only in water between Gold Creek upstream to the Weeman Bridge, which is about 8 miles north of Winthrop. Selective gear rules are in place. So that rules out fishing near the town of Methow, which otherwise would be a good choice.

    While the water is very low, the cooling temps may get fish active, in which case I would fish between Twisp and Gold Creek, thinking that there is more water below Twisp. I haven't been over there in a couple of weeks, so all my information is based upon prior years experience, but still speculative. Last time there it was 90F+ during the day, and fishing was pretty limited to early a.m. Good luck.
  6. so have you heard if there will be a steal season? Ill be in the area on wednesday and thursday. thanks
  7. the steelhead season on the Methow river is due to open on October 8th but that is only a tenuous date. Check the WDFW web site this next week. Has stated before the river is very low so it may be a while before the flow really picks up.
  8. I got a reply from wdfw yesterday about the Methow.There is no steelhead season scheduled for this year.Not enough have come over the dam.They are monitoring the situation but do not expect to open it this year.
  9. For me, while I am disappointed that there won't be a steelhead season, I also happy to hear that there is prudence in the decision.
  10. I was ovr there finishing out the end of the trout season. the trout fishing was very good, and even hooked into a few steelhead, sizeable fish, but the water is eXtremely low. let's keep the fingers crossed about next year...
  11. iagree Prudence from the WDFW. Now thats a miracle if I have ever seen one. :thumb:
  12. We talked to a wdfw guy on the river a few weeks ago and he said the word from the higher up's was that there would be a season. Threw out some numbers like est 12,000 fish this year vs 9,000 last year? dunno. Guess he wasn't in the right loop.
  13. A guy I know that works at one of the dams said that the biologist had mentioned that they were 8 fish short of an October 1 opener. They may open if the get sufficient numbers over in the next couple days. It's second-hand information, but thought I'd post it anyhow.
  14. I am not sure what their requirements are for a season, but so far they have had about 5200 fish go over Wells Dam, so figure roughly half for the Methow. This is down from most recent years, but not drastically so. There were a couple of really good ones with a few thousand more, but they're averaging over 100 fish a day over the dam right now (74-211 a day over the past week). Think maybe the colder water is pushing them up now.

    I don't have any insider information on their potential plans for a season, or lack thereof, but they have a knack for not giving much advance warning, just silently posting the opening without any fanfare the night before. Personally I like it this way. Hopefully a midweek opening when I have a couple of days off.... If they announce it too far in advance, lots of people make arrangements to be there for the "opener" and it gets flooded with people.

    If they don't open it I'll be disappointed, but I'd rather they protect it if needed.
  15. The season is at a wait and see. 70% of the fish that come over Wells go into the Methow River. Check the numbers that have come over Rocky Reach, shows a few more fish coming up. The only river between Wells and Rocky Reach is the Entiat River. From what I've been told the Entiat only get about 1000 fish up it.
    The season is on hold till the numbers for wild fish come up to the need amount. The 12,000 that was reported earlier was in refrence to the numbers coming over Priest Rapids dam and as of today it's almost there. Seems most of the fish this yr are running slow on getting up river.
    Raining here today and the river flow shows the Methow has come up some, so keep your fingers crossed that it keep coming up.
  16. Just got word this morning the Methow river will not open for steelhead fishing at this time. Check the WDFW web site for details. The word is they are short the count of wild fish.

  17. I remember reading something about a commer. fishery in late spring or early summer for steelhead off the mouth of the Columbia this year. Did anyone else see this. Funny thing is this yrs return should have been the offspring of the big run that we had up here in 2001. almost 20,000 fish over Wells that yr. Back in August I had herad our return should have been good because of the run of 2001. Makes one wonder about if there was a commercial fishery how many of our fish were taken.
  18. I couldn't find any info on WDFW site regarding not opening -- are you saying they (WDFW) have made a public statement about keeping it closed?

    a link would be handy. Thanks

  19. I just spoke to a representative out of the Ephrata office and he said it is still very much up in the air. Because it involves an ESA listing it is very complicated. He did say that he is not as optimistic today as he was a couple of weeks ago. I inquired as to what date I could assume that it just isn't going to happen this year and he was going to try to find that out for me, if possible.
  20. It's possible we won't get a season this year but I think the fish are just slow coming up river. All the Eastern,WA streams are at near record level low flows this summer and fall. We just got our first good rain over the weekend with more expected today. If this continues, the rivers will rise and the cool water should start pushing the fish IF they are there. A few years ago they didn't open the river until Nov. 1st so there is still plenty of time to get the fish in the system. However, I think I will wait on buying that new steelhead rod until the news is more encouraging.

    If the the Methow doesn't open that is really going to hurt. The Tucannon was effected by the fire so I am not sure if it is going to be open for fishing etc. and now the Methow is in question. That leaves the extreme S.E. rivers as the only option for chasing some steelhead tail this fall/winter. Not cool. :mad:

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