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  1. Reading the scales, you mean like teh fish scales? What is that like the Fisherman's tea leaves... ;0

    Sorry, couldn't help myself...

  2. not to change the subject but a page ago someone asked how this is all working/not working on the Wenatchee which i would love to know as its been too many years already and i really miss it and the tribs.
  3. This may be a silly question but can anyone tell me if it would be worthwhile heading over to the Methow this weekend? I'm mostly concerned with how busy it might be. Should I expect to see people in every part of the river? Would hiking into some of the nasty spots pay off? I live close to the Thompson in B.C. but for some reason I really want to try the Methow again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Yes, expect to see people in every single hole and more than one person at that.
  5. Ever since that article was published in NW Fly Fisherman this summer on fishing the Methow River there's been a crush of people on it. Not that most of them know what the hell they're doing, but enough to trample the reds and put the fish down from one end to the other. :beathead:
  6. Not to mention the fact that we're always talking about it on here.

    Very worthwhile discussion though. There's a lot of hype going on. Its a good river, but I can't believe how many people drive 5 or 6 hours to fish it, passing the Skagit, Sky, Stilly etc. Westsiders dying for sunshine?? :confused:
  7. Yeah, the Methow sucks advised to stay away
  8. In all seriousness, if you are thinking of heading over this weekend I might postpone that trip. I fished it yesterday and it was a stinkin zoo on a Tuesday! Imagine what Sat. will look like.

    The water is really low and I honestly don't think there are very many fish in the river yet. My brother and I fished hard for 7 hours without a bump. Other fisherman we talked with were have no to minimal success. Not to sound full of myself but my brother and I have never been skunked together on this river in October so I have to say things are pretty darn slow.
  9. Yeah like caddis m said, octobers really not a good time to fish this river wait untilly feb or march.
  10. Thanks all. I think I'll wait a little while, the colder weather seems to keep alot of the weenies at home. I'll be heading to the Thompson instead.
  11. Thompson V. Methow? Hmmm... I know what I would choose. (The grass is always greener on the other side;) )
  12. Fished the Methow Thursday thru Sunday. It was BUSY. It's a small river and it's getting lots of pressure. I talked to the creel counter and he said there is more pressure than there has ever been...and it's only going to get worse. He also told me that there were two film crews up there during the week, so it's probably not going to be just a Washington thing in the future. I also heard from a less reliable source that Jack Mitchell was filming with the intent of selling the footage. Who knows, rumors run wild. I do wish, however, that folks would quit pimping the rivers.:mad:
  13. quit pimping the are dead on. It is amazing the draw of a river (Methow) after a write up. ....and it will last more than one fishing season.
  14. I caught my very first steelhead out of the Miller Hole on the Methow. When I first started fishing the river (gosh I sound like a geezer...), we would watch which holes had other rigs in them, and stay away. We figured we wouldn't have to fish a hole that had been hit already until about noon, and by then we were ready to take a break and wait for the evening anyway. Nobody ever came into your water while you were fishing it.

    Now you need to be in your water before first light to reserve your portion of a hole. A lot of times if you are fishing the head of the hole, somebody else is down at the tailout. How times have changed.
  15. Heck, you could get away with doing this last year.... :(
  16. I fished hard all Saturday and Sunday without any luck. Saw plenty of other anglers but only heard of one fish caught. It sure tapered off quick with all the pressure since opening.
  17. The crowds are not worth it..Like others have said every F#$%^ hole or run had someone in it....We fished hard all weekend 3 to hand between the 3 of us..I could not land my F#$%er.

    B got low holed by 7 guys at once..constant lowholing Whores out there...There are closer and better rivers that currently have Steel in it...
  18. I was there recently. Sadly, this river is getting loved to death this year and there are some commercial interests who will go unnamed who seem to be intent pimping the hell out of it. Because of that, my guess is that it is only a matter of time before it will go into lockdown mode for some number of years once again, since management objectives of culling hatchery fish can be achieved in other ways. For Westsiders, I agree that we are probably better off mostly sticking to the wet side of the Cascades, because the Methow is a long way to drive to find so much competition for such limited water. Unfortunately, people in North Central Washington don't have much in the way of other options for chasing steelhead.

    One thing related to incidental mortality that really had me scratching my head: I saw tons of gear guys (and, unbelievably, a few fly fisherman) who were fishing without waders - i.e., standing on the bank in tennis shoes and jeans, or the like - and didn't have landing nets. I wonder if anyone fishing that way could safely land a wild fish? If the margin of error is 16 wild fish, as another poster indicated, we may hit it sooner rather than later with as many people out there fishing from the bank and unable/unwilling to get in the water or carry a landing net so they have a reasonable chance at safely landing a fish. Dragging a fish on the bank or rocks is a sure fire way to increase incidental mortality (not to mention the fact that it's illegal as far as wild fish are concerned). It also doesn't help when flyfishers are fishing lighter weight rods. On a river like this, it's kind of important to get the fish in as fast as possible.
  19. Just to set the record straight...We did film on the Methow the other day (10/17/05) for a new show that is coming out called "Seasons of the Fly" but I did not receive any monies for it. When it airs, I will receive some press from it. As far as pimping rivers...everybody has an opinion and opinions are just that. The pressure I have personally applied to the Methow is but a fraction to the entire pressure it receives. However, I hope I have helped make some memories for anglers wishing to learn more about fishing the fly. Recently (10/19/2005) an angler (Jim Brandt) and I worked a short boulder strewn tail out with a greased line and a skating fly. He had never fished that way. All of his previous steelhead fishing was with a nymph under an indicator/bobber. When we finished fishing that tail out he had experienced an entirely different way of fishing for steelhead, with success. I am not quite sure how much impact that personally had on you, the fishing public, and the entire Methow river system; I suspect not much. One angler and one coach versus 50-100 other anglers on the river? I will say, I certainly hope it had a positive impact on the guest I was with.


    guiding the Methow since 2002
  20. jack-
    how come your website is covered in recent photos of wild steelhead being held out of the water which, as you know, is illegal?

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