MF Snoqualmie - Invitation to 'secret spot' tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by chadk, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. I'm taking tomorrow off (it's my b-day...) and after taking care of a few things, I plan to spend the afternoon\evening fishing.

    I'm thinking this will probably my last and only chance to fish my 'holy water' on the river.

    If you read my report from a while back about the MF, this is the starting point to my 'holy water'. I then wade down stream a few miles to my take out point. This water rarely gets touched and the fish in the middle sections bite well and get decent sized. I got a 16 to 17incher last year here.

    Anyway, if anyone has the day off tomorrow or wants to call in sick :WINK , send me an email at before noon tomorrow.

    I'm thinking of fishing from about 1pm to dark.

    Any takers? Doesn't matter if your an expert or if you're closer to clueless (i'm somewhere in between - about middle of the line). Either way, you'll have fun and fish some gorgeous water.

  2. MF Snoqualmie River - Invatation to 'secret spot' tomorr

    What are your secret spots on the MF? I have my own, but am always curious where other people have good luck.......
  3. Sorry, no freebies. :TSKTSK

    You'll just have to come with me to find out...

    I did some scouting Sat night and found the action still good in the beaver 'pond' areas as well as in the main river. Not as hot as a few weeks ago, but still plenty of action. And the scernery is just getting better and better with the fall colors coming out.

    Be prepared for about 1/4 mile of moderate bush wacking (this time of the year is not bad at all compared to early summer...) and some easy to moderate (mostly easy) wading for about 2 miles.

  4. Chad K,
    I have the day off and was thinking about heading out somewhere. I've been jonesing for some trout lately. I'll try and get back on the internet the morning and see if you're still around. I'm at I have some job applications to get to but if I get an early start I might be able to get out. Hopefully.
  5. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    If I wasn't going out to the N/fork of the Stilly tomorrow,oops today I would take you up on your offer.As we have talked back and forth on a different web site. My handle is the same,yours is not. So I think you know who I am.

  6. Listen Jim,

    You just stick to the North Fork of the Stilly and JIM creek since it is only: "17 miles from my house!" You need to go back to that spot and throw another stimulator but this time one with a barb on it. hahahaha

    Don't even try to humor yourself and say that you would possibly go fish the Middle Fork. Jim, isn't it past your bedtime!?

    MacRowdy :TSKTSK
  7. OK JackChinook, I'll send you an email and see if you're available.

    Jim - after reading the NF Stilly reports, I'm bummed you won't be able to make it. You sound like a barrel of fun - even for an old man :BIGSMILE

    So far I have 2 who are only 'tentative' at this time. Last year I took 3 buddies from out of state down this stretch and we had a blast. Plenty of water to share - even when it's running as low as it is.

    Come on down! Tell your boss you have an 'eye problem' (you just can't see yourself coming in to work...)

    The fishing will start to switch to winter mode soon, or worse yet, get blown out by heavy fall rains, so it's NOW time! After today, i'll be chasin silvers, chums, then winter steelies.
  8. Man wish I could go that sounds great! I am taking Friday off to go Camping with the girlfriendm but no fishing at or around the lookout :SAD


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