MF Snoqualmie Report for 10/19

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by chadk, Oct 19, 2002.

  1. chadk

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    Hit the river from 9 to 1 on my favorite stretch. Started out in the beaver dammed creek and caught an 11 incher and a 10 incher on my first 2 casts. My buddy and I got several more before making our way to the river. We thought the action was going to be hot based on the beaver creek activity.... Nope. Fish were hard to come by. Some stretches that produced very well over the last 2 months seemed barren. Then we'd find a deep pool with a long deep tailout that would provide some good action. In fact, we caught very few fish in any fast water that wasn't over 5 ft deep. Places that put out fish just a few weeks ago seemed dead. But on the plus side, I hooked into some 'monsters'. I had a 15 to 16incher chase my offering for about 30 feet before finally getting hooked just 10 feet in front of me. After 3 crazy flips and leaps, he became unbuttoned. Then I had another 15 to 16 incher (at least - this fish looked huge for this river...) take a few swipes at it in another deep pool, but couldn't connect. And in yet another deep pool, I finally hooked and landed a beautiful 15 incher. Didn't get a good pic as he slipped out just as I clicked, but I got a good shot in the water as he left - probably won't turn out - doh! All other fish were 8 to 11 inches. Not nearly as many as my last several outings and only a few came to dry flies. I think it may have been better later in the afternoon\evening. Anyway, it looks like the fish are starting to migrate into the deep pools to prepare for winter or something. Beautiful day and a few nice fish - now I get to baby sit the kids. Fair trade...

    My disposable camera is now full so I'll have some pics of the 'holy water' and some of my fish to post soon.

    Tight lines!
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    Good for you Chad. I didn't think the middle fork had fish that big.
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    I was suprised that I came across so many in one outing. I've caught the occassional 15 to 16incher on the MF - but that's like 1 in 100 fish. This time I saw at least 4 fish over 15inches. A few I could only guess at because as I stripped in my wooly bugger, I'd see a thick silver side flash right behind it. My heart would stop and I just hope it came back for another try. The first one I got took 6 or 7 swipes at it before finally getting hooked. Talk about fun and frustrating at the same time. My buddy could only look on and shake his head as I'd shout out - here he comes, dang - missed, here he comes again! missed again, and again, and again.... Got him!
    The others didn't chase it as well as the first. A couple would shoot out of the depths and nail my bugger like a freight train and my rod would bend all the way over for a second and then they'd quickly pop loose. Well, at least I know a few spots now where lunkers hang out. I'll be back next year to check up on em. :THUMBSUP