MF Snoqualmie Report

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  1. Not 20 but good sized


  2. Wow! Nice work Troutingham! :beer2:
  3. I'm telling you would not believe the BIG ONE I caught in 96.
  4. Is it just me or are you long-arming your head in that lower shot?
  5. :rofl:Very Funny......
  6. Long heading for sure:rofl:

  7. So last night I decided to test the 'bigger is better' philosophy on the South Fork. A big, bushy size 12 Royal Wulff was tied on and...

    Survey says... Meh... :hmmm:

    In short, the fly itself drew a lot of attention from a lot of fish, but from what I caught and what I could see they were the usual dinks aplenty. I did miss a number of strikes, which I was feeling was because of the larger hook size and the small fish (of course it wasn't my fault ;)). So my theory is that the smaller fish that will eat anything that passes by were hitting it, but it was too big for them and they kept missing.

    EHC, Adams, and other attractors have all worked well, but I don't have any stimulators. Maybe it's the stimi factor and not so much the size? I guess I will keep gathering data and continue to test this theory with more time on the water, on the hunt for that +12" Forks monster...
  8. i fished the south fork last night and caught the biggest fish on size 18 parachute adams. I find the large fish will only rise to the smaller flies at night. As well, I never get the larger fish to rise during the day on any dry flies. In general I find only the smaller fish will rise to the larger stimulator patterns.
  9. Proving once more that it's not the flies you fish so much as your belief in the flies you fish.
  10. I've caught all of my biggest fish on the forks using streamers in big deep pools well away from the road. Bigger being 12 to 17 inches (about 90% of those being closer to 12 to 14). I don't think I've ever hooked a fish bigger than 12 to 14 on a dry (but have had many 30+ fish evenings with smaller fish to dries).
  11. Thanks for the actual current fusing experience on the MF. Don't see many actual fishing reports anymore on this site. I really appreciate it.

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