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  1. I took my 8 year old son out today to look for some fishy water at the middle fork of the Snoqualmie. We weren't fishing today . We were just hiking around, anyway we found some very deep holes. I was just wondering have any of you guys and girls had any luck with streamers in the winter on the MF. Thanks Jason
  2. Streamers not so much but a prince nymph can produce the whitefish love them which is fun

    I think I'm headed up there this week if you want to tag along let me know
  3. If you fish streamers, do so with a dead drift and tie a nymph off the streamer.
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  4. The water was a bit cloudy, so I thought a streamer might work. Have you caught white fish on the MF? We were pretty far in near the middle fork campground.
  5. Yea some 16" whitefish up on the forks (lower sections especially). Nice change of pace from the 10" trout every once in a while

    I don't think many fish become predatory up there so I'm not too sure how a streamer would work, I've never bothered with one besides dumping a woolly bugger behind some logs that got hit.

    Then again I'm probably wrong. If Kent or someone more knowledgeable chimes in listen to them
  6. What wt rod do you use on the MF.? I've got a 5wt and a 2 wt.
  7. 2 wt!
  8. anything on the mf over a 3 wt is overkill
  9. Yes, if you use a rod with a number attached to it that is >3, you will not have fun. I use a 4 weight up there (my lightest rod) all the time and it sucks; don't know why I even bother 20 times a summer. :rolleyes:
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  10. My limited success on the Sno forks in winter has been with large, weighted nymphs (e.g., double bead prince in size 10), which are not fun to cast on a 2 or 3 weight. For my money, the drive over the pass to the Yak makes sense in the winter if you want to catch trout in moving water. Yes it is another 45 minutes to an hour each way, depending on where you fish, but the Yak is much more productive in the winter. Streamers are the ticket and the fish you catch are likely to be much bigger.
  11. I'm headed up there tomorrow I think. Depends how my steelheading below the falls goes
  12. ur going to catch 9 steelhead
  13. 1 per forum warning
  14. my bad sorry i was out of line
  15. Good luck on that . I wish I could join you . Im super busy . Bummer! I like to hear how it goes!?
  16. i lost a fish and got pissed so went home didnt bother fishing above the falls. sorry no useful info for you
  17. A tug is a fish
  18. No worries. I'll give it a try soon and give you a heads up.
  19. ive lost so many fish lately. i dont get it. keeping side pressure and shit but they just get off somehow. whatever i had on today was pretty good size but im also talking with SRCs. just one of those streaks. my problem with srcs has mainly been when i try to get them on the reel for after stripping them in, but this guy was hot and freshy fresh taking line out and off he goes.
  20. I wish I could help you with that one. I'm still learning myself

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