MF Snoqualmie,winter,streamers ?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JasonG, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Gdesch

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    Hit the MF this afternoon for a couple of hours. Started out with a prince nymph with a copper john underneath. Hit a few spots with that setup and them tried an olive bugger for a bit. Same results with both methods.....nada. I am pretty new to fly fishing so your experiences may vary.

    Great day to be out though as the weather kept shifting from rain to sun and back again. Also got to try out new waders, boots and a bag thanks to the UPS guy and a 45% off code for Sierra trading post.
  2. golfman44

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    Were you swinging your bugger or stripping?
  3. Gdesch

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    Both swinging and stripping across the flow. I had a sinking leader on to try and get it down a touch but I have no idea if any swimming things even saw it.
  4. JasonG

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    I'm hear a lot of people get skunked this time of year on the MF . I need to get out there and try my luck.
  5. If u wanna strip streamers goes to the yak. Flows are Nill and fish are looking for a meal. Size 6 sculpzilla on a sink tip, natural swing or swing/rip and strip, hold on.
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  6. Kyle Smith

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    If you are fishing pocket water you would hit in the summer, there might not even be fish around to catch. Find slow water with nearby cover and plenty of sun exposure. The sun warms their bodies and makes them more active, and the same goes for the midges the fish eat. Try a Rainbow Warrior.
  7. JasonG

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    Thanks for the advice. :)