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    I have been fishing with chiros under strike indicators for years but would like to find out from you guys what techniques and micro leeches you tye and use for this style of fishing thanks for the info.:)
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    To start with, try a size 12 scud hook heavy wire. Next find a good black tungsten bead. Now find squirrel strips (not tail) of the color of your choice to use as a tail. Use whatever dubbing/body material you want in whatever color. I dub material that I strip from the squirrel or I use strung marabou that I wrap around the hook shank. Marabou tails work as well.

    From there you can play around with a balance leech patterns.
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    I use this guy in a size 14. Normally, I'm not a fan of indicator fishing but I have tried this pattern using that technique and it does work. Otherwise, I fish it with a sinking line while trolling or stationary and casting with a slow retrieve. The pattern tied in olive, black and burgundy colors are the most effective.

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    That is about perfect, but tied an a scud hook will allow the fly to sit better horizontally in the water column under an indicator, thus giving a more natural look.
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    Oh and a scud hook is shorter so you can end up with the same size/length fly and not give up any of the hook gap/hooking capability.
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    Well I guess I should post the changes I made over the year to my "Bloody Mary" mini leech.

    I first posted it with both red and black tails = sparse leeches 024.jpg
    sparse leeches 017.jpg

    I no longer tie any with red tails! only black with a almost white UV sparkle dubbing. what I wanted out of the tail (which I never tied with marabou, I use just dubbing) was a "SHUCK LOOK" I wanted it to look like a shuck stuck to the fly trying to emerge or shack it off . many flies get stuck in the shuck while hatching (I think :confused:) so I started putting this dubbing with the black dubbing. it also has a "blue" sparkle to it and is very visible for a fly tied with a #10 or 12 2x strong scud hook. These are the patterns I settle on for the fly. they also caught my biggest rainbow on the eastside. it also worked when a white bead chiro would fail in very clear lakes! in supper clear water I would have to switch to a dubbing chiro with dark bead. anyway here is the pattern now after a year of testing!
    mini bloody mary\'s 004.jpg mini bloody mary\'s 016.jpg

    Here are the dubbings, I use the black dubbing to the left which has sparkle red in it I use it for body wrap and tail. the ice dubbing has the white look with blue hue I put in the tail. These are all I fish now when going to the mini leech! one of the leech's has a gold barbell eye for deep water indi fishing. much brighter and heavier. two of those flies have already caught fish (the flies on the end) when bakerite met me this fall he had tied some and all had red tails! I felt bad when telling him all mine were black tailed! with WHITE HUE. THE BLACK AND WHITE OUT FISHES THE RED TO NO COMPARISON.

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    That's OK Mark they still caught the dumb ones over here. I'm checking them out and adjusting my BM recipe! Hope you have a good Christmas!
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    Mark, copied that design a bit and then added some different materials. My friend and I still call it the barrel bug because of the barrel eyes.

    I like the uv material idea and I will tie a few with that. I use red as the tail and black as the body and the fly has continued to produce well for me although I use a red squirrel strip versus marabou, maybe there is the difference.

    Thanks for the update on the pattern.
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  10. Mark, Thise BM flies look great! What dubbing are you using for the body?
  11. Drifter

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    I think it's UV ice dub, black with mixed in red "medium" and you have to pull it back and weave through it or pick it out for it to stand out like on my flies. get the medium and use a dubbing loop but not to tight or spun to much! you want your loop to stay hairy or fluffy so it will stand out between the holograph tape. you can see the black dubbing with the red in the last picture. Hope that helps!
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    Spent my time after work this morning playing around at the vise with some micro leeches. I'm really liking those Umpqua jig hooks. Tied up a bunch of micro leeches, mostly using squirrel strip trails and dubbed/ribbed bodies in various colors. Super easy ties, but oh so effective.