Micro Mayfly Ntmph

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Davy, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Davy Active Member

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    This is a pattern popularized in NoCal especially on the lower Sacramento river.My son did quite well last year with it on the Yakima.

    #18,20,22 TMC 200 hook

    Gudebrod 10/0 thread- light olive ( for the body)
    extra small gold wire (rib)

    Tail= brown hen saddle fibres

    wingcase= 5 crystal flash fibres
    legs- brown hen saddle( layed under crystal flash)
    thorax= ICE brown ultraviolet dubbing

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  2. Frogpoop New Member

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    yep that is a trout smasher for sure......nice job looks like I may have to try that one
  3. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    I'm with Frogpooop on this one. Gonna have to tie some of those myself. Just to be sure I remember who showed the dressing to me I may have to add some JC nails somewhere.

  4. Davy Active Member

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    REE= " Micro" JC nails

    Thanks ! and yes, do tye some- they are a killer bug- I personally have seen my son nailing fish with them while others (me :rofl: ) used other bugs and got few or none- I also tye them with more of chartruese body- like a Chartruese Copper John.

    Only thing is; anymore I need a microscope to tye the darn things on. :beathead: :beathead:

    I bought some ( actually a bunch) antique "blind eye" trout hooks- down to size 20- gonna try tying some with leader loops attached to solve this problem. :thumb:

    Soon as I get to them I will post some.

  5. Dan Soltau New Member

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    comes from the great mike mercer. If you sub some wire for the body you have a hell of a copper john. Tie in with some bright orange, yellow, chartruese. Change it up a bit for preswsured waters.
  6. Davy Active Member

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    ahhh !! Mike Mercer-- I never di know the originator- thanks for that.

    Yes indeed,some of those box compartments are "full" of Micro Mays and Copper Johns- especially the chartruese and reds.

    Very similar patterns.

  7. John Forsyth New Member

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    I live in Northern CA and have been using these patterns for a few years. They are very successful. I actually just emailed Mike Mercer at The Fly Shop and he gave me the original pattern which is a litter different, but probably doesn't matter a lot. The keys are a very thin body, fat abdomen and oversized bead. He likes to use epoxy on the wingcase, like several other of his patterns.
  8. Davy Active Member

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    yup, did 'em from memory - I am sure different is being kind -LOL

    The ones my son buys down there are tiny tiny tiny ,and then even tinier than that.