Mid Afternoon Risers

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Greg Armstrong, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Like a lot of us, I can get restless fishing chronie's.

    This "calm water weather" lately has allowed me to have a little more fun on some of the westside lowland lakes that are open. Above the fog layer the sun has been shining, and by mid afternoon and into evening a hatch usually has broken out and I've had a blast sneaking up to and casting to rises on the flat calm waters.

    It's challenging fishing but when you've snuck up on one and made your cast without spooking it, and when that leader makes a slight swerve one way or the other, it is very satisfying.

    Been using small size 18 and 20 soft hackles stripped really slow...
  2. Emergers work well too, and there is always the parachute Adams. I stocked fish over in Winthrop this past weekend.
  3. Well Greg this is my favorite thing to do at Coldwater this time of year over deep water. Chasing pods of risers with the electric is, well, just electric!

    Since the gov. opened I have to make a trip up soon.
  4. Greg, thanks for the tip/reminder. i seem to forget about the little hackles when the fish are on stealth mode.
  5. My last couple of lake outings have reminded me that I need to add smaller softies to my box. I just need to get the motivation to tie on hooks that small.

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