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  1. I fish the mid, shallow and deep....
  2. It's brought to you by the same generation that tags a good day of fishing as "FUCKING EPIC!!!!"
  3. didn't you work at boeing for like a million years, where 3/4 of the tribal knowledge is shared in acronyms?
  4. nice tie!
  5. Word shortcuts are a product of texting. Eventually, the English language will be limited to three letters per word :D
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  6. If I ever hear about anyone`s fucking epic day fishing mids for steelfaces , I`m taking up bowling .
  7. Ok, I won't say it but I've had double digit days fishing for anadromous O. mykiss using chironomids. I lost the biggest one of my life last month when my sz 14 hook broke as I was lifting his head up to land him:
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  8. Yes I did. But they were known ones to where I worked. What people are doing now is changing words to fit how they talk.
  9. There's another one, Omykiss. What the hell kind of fish is that?.
  10. Oncorhynchus mykiss, aka O. mykiss, aka Rainbow Trout, aka Steelhead when anadromous...
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  11. You kids and your crazy text message lingo shortcuts!
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  12. I paddled into yankee stadium, slid one into the buck grease, and levitated oceanic hen. Epic!
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