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  1. So once a year my buddy, his wife, my girlfriend, and I do a annual camp/fishing trip at Ft Flagler. This year due to things that came up we weren't able to make it. Despite how cold its going to be my friends still insist on going camping but not until mid October. I figured now that I have a boat what better time then now to go and try out the Grande Ronde. I'm not looking for any secret spots or anything just hoping somebody might be able to offer roughly were I might be able to put in and pull out for a half a days float.
  2. Or do I just go to Bogans Oasis in the morning?
  3. There aren't any 1/2 day floats, that will leave any time for fishing, below Boggan's other than the possibility of launching over the bank a few miles above Hellers Bar. Other possibilities -Wildcat Bridge or Mud Creek to Troy, OR. Troy to Stateline. Stateline to Cougar Creek or Boggans. Heller's Bar to Asotin (Snake).
  4. Hey thanks for the reply Bob. Also it doesn't have to be a 1/2 days float either. It was just a thought. It could be a long days float.
  5. Mid October is also prime time on the Deschutes. Float Nena to Wapinita. Wapinita has some nice riverside campsites. You can have fires after Oct 15th.

  6. Bogans to Schumaker, and camp at Schumaker. You should be able to arrange a shuttle through Bogans, or just buddy shuffle. It's not a bad drive at the end of the day to grab the launching rig. Bring turd transport as it has no crapper, (but I seem to recall a porta potty once at the far downstream portion of the access). Wouldn't count on it though.

    I may catch hell for this, but be prepared to change up if you want to catch fish. October can see a lot of action (drift boat/raft hatch), and even with catch and release, the player fish can get tired/bonked in short order. New fish come in all the time in the fall (even if the water is low) BUT being willing to find bottom can pay benefits when the fish are not willing to come up to your goodies. And it's a good sink tip river, as there is a lot of holding water that is not super deep.

    Unless you get molested in your tent by a Sasquatch, I think you'll enjoy the GR.
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  7. Thanks guys. Looks like plans have changed now and my cousin and I are just going to do the Minam to Troy float....Depending on weather and water conditions of course. Hit the river early Friday morning and be off the river on Sunday. Although we will be taking a GPS with us how will we know where the designated campsites are? Signs or will it be pretty obvious.

  8. Unless there has been a major change since I moved from Northeast Oregon 4 years ago, there are no designated comp sites or signs in the Minam to Troy float. Suitable camp sites are fairly obvious and most can be spotted with adequate time and room to pull ashore. Its just about all private land along the river until you get about three miles below Rondowa, then its all USFS land until a couple of miles before Powatka Bridge. BTW you will probably want to take out at Powatka bridge rather than float the additional 7 miles to Troy - more time for fishing and the road from there to Troy is right along the river.

  9. Check in with Minam Raft Rentals, if you have not been in contact with them already. Good crew, good information, etc, blah, blah, blah. Grant spends a lot of time on the river and in that section especially.
  10. Yep that was my plan. I just like all the reassurance and helpful info on here. Thanks for the responses guy!!
  11. Do you guys even think its possible to make this trip in a 2 night 3 day float at 1-1.5k river levels? When I called Minam raft rentals the lady I talked to didnt seem to sure of herself.

  12. Possible - certainly. A lot of time for fishing - no. Definitely consider taking out at Powatka Bridge rather than floating on down to Troy - another 2-3 hrs of floating & right adjacent to the road.
  13. Minam to Powatka bridge will work just fine for me. Thank you
  14. ditto. best part is no fishing from a boat. no morons throwing indicators and bead rigs right thru your run. boat after boat, after boat, same story.....

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