middle fork of snoqualmie year round .

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  1. I understand that the middle fork of the snoqualmie river is open all year round. But why? Everything I have read on this forum about the middle fork in the winter months sounds like a waste of time. Why does the state keep it open in the winter? White fish?? Jasong
  2. Don't go there then.
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  3. The same fish are going to be there in the winter that are there in summer. Why close it? What part of fishing a beautiful little stream would be a waste of time?
  4. I'm not saying I want them to close it. Just curious, that's all
  5. Our sport is called "fishing" not "catching". Some of us like just getting out into the mountains on a beautiful stream even in mid-winter when the chances of actually catching anything are low.
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  6. You ought to be happy you have someplace to throw your flies around all year long. Instead of waiting while the state closes down more skinny water so you have no place to fish. Who wants to sit on their ass in the middle of a lake in the middle of the cold season(winter).
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  7. Rather than ask "why keep it open?" my first thought is "why close it?" Unless closing the water in question is to protect fish for a certain reason or maybe to save a reasonable amount of money by not having to provide services to the area, why does the state close any water? Lakes, rivers, etc. Seems like lots of water closes here "for no reason."

    Much of the water I grew up fishing in MT was not very fishabe through the winter (rivers froze over), but there was no reason for the state to put out a regulation to close the river just because it wasn't very effective to fish. IMO, it's a public resource and should be left open for use unless there's a good reason to close it.
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  8. Jason,

    There is no conservation or social purpose served by closing the MF under the current fishing regulations. It pretty much regulates itself. That's pretty enlightened management from WDFW in this case.

  9. I have fished the MF several times in the winter and have always seen the coolest stuff. Go explore and don't question why it is open. While you're at it check out the other forks in the winter too since they are open for catch and release.


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  10. Nowhere fishes that great in the winter. It's the fresh air and quiet, and the change of scenery that make it one of the 4 best seasons to fish. Check flows, bring a long rod (to keep you on the bank as much as possible), and be careful. Good flies for winter fishing everywhere include San Juans, eggs, Prince Nymphs, midge larvae (18-22 red, rootbeer, green, grey), caddis larvae (12-16), and the Griffith Gnat (for midges and also little black stoneflies in February).
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  11. Thanks for the info! Im going to explore that area this winter!
  12. I was looking at the Middle fork being open as a Conservation issue. I gues I should have worded that thread differently. Oops.
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  13. If you check the regs close the Middle fork is open year round for catch and release. The north and south forks of the river are also open year round. I beleive it is catch and release after Oct 31 through the weekend before memorial day. So really if you're like myself and many of the folkls who fish these streams for the enjoyment of fishing and being outdoors it is open year round on all three forks. A light rod and line can be a great outing even on these cold days !
  14. During the winter, when run-off is locked down in the ice and snow, and the river levers get low and clear - it is a nice place to spend a winder day. Fishing will be tough. More whitefish than trout, but quiet and beautiful. Just be careful - winter fishing up there when nobody is around can be a news story the next day...
  15. 2 wt is my go to rod on the forks

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