Middle Fork Snoqualmie

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  1. I was reading through the regs today looking for something to do this weekend. I have read reports from guys out fishing the snoqualmie this time of year, but am I understanding this correct that the middle fork is open to C&R from the mouth up river? It seems pretty straight forward, but when it comes to reading the regulations you never know. Is this a pretty accessible stretch of river? Anyone got any suggestions for easy access points? I want to fish some moving water and I dont want to drive all the way to the Yakima for the day. Any input helps. Thanks!
  2. Yes, you can fish it. Good access. The water is high, and cold. Picture 2.png
  3. Haha, right after I hit enter to post this, I pulled up the USGS charts, I guess that answers any questions I had about fishing it this weekend.
  4. Fish a lake. They're good right now.
  5. Yes the middle fork is open year round for catch and release. Drive up Middle Fork Rd. and once the pavement ends and the gravel begins, you will see plenty of places where you can easily access the river. As far as this weekend, I don't think that you will have a very productive time. Spring runoff has begun, and the middle fork is currently flowing at 3500 CFS. I only fish it when it is 600 or below. I'm guessing that the clarity is pretty bad right now as well. Generally the forks of the Snoqualmie don't fish well until after runoff ends. Usually around the beginning of July. The Yakima might be your best option if you want to have a chance at actually catching fish. Good luck!
  6. I appreciate the input. I think you may be right on searching elsewhere for fish this weekend. This is a hard time of year for guys who like the rivers. With the boat trailer decommissioned I may have to hit the salt this weekend. Thanks again guys!
  7. That river is weird. It is tough to catch anything until July, even if the water is clear. Once it drops to 200 cfs the fish go completely bananas for attractor dries. You will catch more and bigger (up to 14") fish if you get away from the road, and tie on a #14 red copper john dropper.

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