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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Sean Beauchamp, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. I've been fortunate enough to catch big fish in Ore, Wa and B.C., and they are all special in their own right. But my home river continues to haunt me.
    My dream fish would be any, legally caught, wild Nooksack steelhead in March( please God, let that happen), or a Thompson river fish.
  2. HA! More love for the Nooksack! It does certainly have some beautiful gravel bars and amazingly strong fish

    Working as a fisheries bio, I was able to do a creel sampling of the wild NATIVE S. fork summer runs.......THOSE are some of the most amazing steelhead ever, too bad the run is maybe 100 fish as far as we can tell
  3. All these replies And zero love for the skykomish?? Spectacular and diverse drainage, I guess if we're dreaming here I'd love to see the spring season reopen so I could fish the river in my backyard. I can imagine a ticket gate to fish Christmas tree (miyawaki bacon bar) on weekends in march/april tho!
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  4. I love the Skykomish fish, but I think as far as milestones go, Im pretty satisfied with the love the Sky has given me... Shes a good river.
    As a generalization though, Id love to see a single barbless bait ban spring C&R season on the S rivers in general.
  5. Evan and I were talking the other day about catching a fish in the sky on a skykomish sunrise, that would be a cool milestone fish for me as the sunrise is one of my favorite bugs and I rarely fish the sky.
  6. The Skykomish and Skagit fish have been some of the best, highest quality fish I've caught in any of the rivers I've fished. I'd say my next wild Skykomish fish is my next milestone... Been a while since I touched one. I have a curse of frequent unbuttonings on those winter fish.

    I do feel pretty awesome that my first Skagit fish was on the full-on Skagit two-hander setup, all the way down to the intruder on the end.
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  7. I too really like the idea of catching a wild fish with a fly that has a historical tie to a specific river; ex. catch a wild OP fish on an Orange Heron, etc.

    I think that'll be my 'theme' this season - wild WA fish with patterns or variants of patterns by the great fly tiers often associated with WA rivers like Glasso, Johnson, McMillan, Hogan, etc.

    Hell, I almost never catch a winter fish, wild or otherwise, anyway so it's not like I'm really limiting myself...
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  8. I would really like to catch a steelhead on the Sol Duc River using Syd Glasso's Sol Duc spey fly. However, I sometimes have a difficult time using flies that I spent countless hours tying. Anyhow, I am determined to make this happen this coming spring.
  9. One step ahead of ya Joe! Been tying some sky sunrise intruders and some of my own creations in the color scheme I'm excited to fish!

    I think I smell a fly swap :)

    Skykomish Sunrise fly swap for the Sky river rats! Exchange em at sultan bakery and go fish a run. Open to 6 people
  10. Each time I step into the Sol Duc the first fly I tie on is an Orange Heron. I'm determined to marry that combo with a Wild Steelhead one of these days.
  11. First fly caught steelhead was on a Sol Duc Spey, north fork Stilly.
  12. Great idea Thomas, I think I'll give that a go.
  13. this one is for kerry..who likes my olson porn...

    milestone as it was on a skated dry...only 3 steelies on the dry for me..I don't give it enough of a chance I know..for some reason a couple weeks back I just switched off my usual mindset and put the dry on...someone smiled down on me for that!!! kl 013 (Large).jpg
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  14. Great fish!!! Is that a speyco reel?
  15. Gorgeous!
  16. Solid Paul. Solid.
  17. On a Titanic . Nice .

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