Minam to Wildcat report

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Kyle Escamilla, Oct 21, 2013.

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    The trip was a complete success! Granted I only caught two small trout with spinners on a gear rod. Seeing as how i suck at fly fishing and I was rowing the whole time it seems that I didn't have a lot of time to fish. The little time I did have I tried swinging purple perils and natural color flies with an intermediate sink tip on a Skagit shooting head. Definitely felt right every swing just didn't get the bite. The the spots that I floated past that seemed like prime swinging spots were already being fished. Everyone else I talked to seem to be having the same report. How many of you nymph while your in the rowing seat? It seems I spent the majority of the time trying to set my cousin up to gear fish holes. He got one smaller steelhead and a bunch of little trout.

    Overall I had a blast and it was by far my best camping trip ever. Amazing weather and scenery as well. This was my first overnight float and first time fishing from a boat. Also was my first time rowing for someone else to fish. We made the float in 3 days. Next time I will take an extra day off so we can take our time a little bit more. Also we were having serious moisture buildup issues in the tent. It seemed that every site we stayed at had a fire pit. I decided to move the rocks back down to the beach because it was my understanding that there are no fires allowed other then in fire pans.
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    Too hard to hold a tall boy and 2 sticks, let alone throw a bobber rod in there.

    That about sums up being the guy with a boat- it sure makes you appreciate trips with guys that can confidently row, or that will row without you telling them it's their time to sit and watch.

    Well, there you go man :cool:
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    Thanks for removing the fire rings. You are correct that fires need to be within a firepan in the roadless section. Glad you had a nice trip!
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    You need to be there in another month. Grande Ronde is more productive fishing from the bank than the boat. Lots of times you are right on top of the fish if fishing out of the boat on the drift on the GR. Will be dowing a float in another month or two my self on this section. Wall tent and wood stove baby!