Mineral and bay lake?

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  1. Have a chance to go with a friend to mineral and bay lake. Anything would be helpful. Taking the wife (first time) and want to catch a few. My first time to those lakes.

    anybody read the book "flies in the northwest"? great book!
    Thx for anything you can pass on.

    Caddisaction :DUNNO
  2. Brown Wooley Worm followed by a #14 Chironomid on a floating line worked for me at Mineral. I set my 8 year old daughter up with the same flies except behind a clear bubble on an ultralight spinning rig, and she caught fish too. The brown Wooley Worm seems to match the hatch(ery pellet) very well.
  3. I just fished Bay lake last week and my dad and I caught about 15 to 20 rainbows a piece on a size 14 beadhead woolly bugger.We trolled our buggers off of a floating flyline with about a 8ft, 2lb leader.
    The only draw back was they were all 8" to 12" inces long but fought like crazy on my 3wt.There is also some good bass fishing in this lake along the shorline.The lake doesn't get any deeper than 10 or 15 feet and gets really weedy starting in late june to july but is still fishable.Good Luck

    "Love'm and Leave'm" C&R

  4. hey fly15 ever tried jackson lake out there, we just got done building a pole garage out there. itas the first time I ever fished those lakes bay and jackson, funny it takes me only 30 minutes to get there all on quiet back roads. very good bass fishin but I noticed there was a lot of inbred meatheads out there keeping everything they catch in buckets with no reguards for the 12-17 inch slot limit where you cant keep them in that size. landed a few 2 and 3 lbrs in bay, but in jackson lost a sow in some downed trees. seen quit a few ducks with one or 2 babies left thats a sign theres some sows to be had. tight lines Ben

    isn't that a long drive from tacoma to the key penninsula?
  5. Bay lake is about 40 minutes from my house plus my grandma and grandpa live about 300yards from Minter creek on the penninsula, so sometimes we hit bay lake while we our out there visiting.We usually go out to Bay lake about 4 times a year for bass, and we got in to the trout last time we were out there.Two years ago I caught a 22" inch brown trout out of Bay lake on a white spinnerbait while fishing for bass.That brownie just about gave me a hart attack when it took the spinnerbait right at the side of our boat.There are also tons of sunfish in there which can be fun on the fly rod.

    Do you have experience on the creeks out there on the penninsula, I have a spot or two I am willing to trade for some other productive waters.Including a place to slay the coho out in the salt in August and september.


  6. OOPS!


  7. no I dont fish the creeks at all, they are just full of smolts, and when there cutthroat in there they are closed. beaver ponds thou a different story. lots of huckleberrys,weirdos and bears in the penninsula. it only takes you 40 minutes to get to bay lake from over the brigde, dang, I have only a few beavwer ponds that are worth fishin. ben
  8. Where do you live? I have never fished a beaver pond before.What area do you fish in the salt? I fish mostly in the tacoma narrows and some times on the penninsula.Last august we found a spot on the penninsula where there were thousands of coho from 4 to 10 pounds jumping and milling around in the salt we managed to catch a couple with hardly any salwater flyfishing experiance.If you give up the location of one of those beaver ponds i will gladly tell you where we fish coho.If you don't want everyone to know about it you can e-mail me at razerclam@aol.com :THUMBSUP


  9. Bay Lake (the one on Key Peninsula via purdy through key center and over the home bridge) is always stocked with catchable trout for the traditional april opener. My dad use to take my sister and I over 30 years ago and I've kept the tradition up with my 3 kids. This year we caught more than enough of the stocked trout but also caught 2 16" holder overs and a 20" pig which is big for Bay Lake. The game warden was all over the big fish with his measuring tape and we drew quite a crowd at the boatlaunch when we pulled out. Unfortunately these are not typical Bay Lake fish. And, I've never seen a brown taken there. But, have seen the weirdos that typically hang out at the ramp chucking power bait and drinking lousy beer. As for the salt, we bang the kings all summer long at Point Evans between the bridge and the power lines. Bummer that it doesn't open this year until July 1. Have been out twice on the south side and caught salmon each time. Ling cod under the narrows is a kick in the pants. As for coho's jumping, must have been at the purdy bridge. I live on Raft Island and we ran the boat down there a few times just to watch. Hard to hook 'em up though. Fish at Point Gibson and Point Fosdick for salmon until July 1.
  10. Nope purdy bridge is not where we were fishing, it is more of a secret than that not very many people know about it. The fish would bite, I caught one broke off another and my dad and I missed about 2 or 3 others in about 2 hours.All of them were brite with sea lice and lots of spunk, and sure are fun on a 6wt fly rod.We caught them in 10 to 20 feet of water in the south sound on the penninsula. :WINK


  11. We have two boats going out tomorrow for our own personal grudge match/derby. Will be fishing the outgoing tide. You must be in the area. If you care to hook up to compare notes you can email me at kjmudd@centurytel.net. Have a great Memorial weekend.

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