Mini Marathon Trout swap (2014)

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  1. It has been five years since one of these was done and I thought I'd see if there is any interest.

    I'm having my kitchen remodeled and will head to Vegas for a conference in January, so I figured I'd further complicate my life by offering to host a marathon swap.

    I participated in the last marathon swap (2009) and found it to be an enjoyable way to pass the winter months. It is a great way to fill your box with options for the upcoming trout season and it's like a mini Christmas each month when the flies arrive. As you know, we have some amazing talent on this board.

    Mail in, so as not to exclude people from distant locations, but if a face to face is ultimately desired I can probably host a final gathering in Cle elum for a day on the Yak (flows permitting).

    I propose following past guidelines with a due date on the 28th of each month, starting in January, over a five month marathon.

    SWAP CLOSED. Flies will be photographed for the gallery. I'll be strict about arrival dates, but late flies can reluctantly be included with the next batch (please don't do this to me).

    March........Small to medium dries/emergers
    April..........Terrestrials/large dries

    At the end, everyone can vote for an MVP (prize to be determined, my treat with no charge to participants).

    JANUARY : NYMPHS (completed)

    FEBRUARY: STREAMERS (completed)

    MARCH: DRIES/EMERGERS (completed: minus 1)

    APRIL: TERRESTRIALS/LARGE DRIES (completed: minus 2)

    MAY: FREESTYLE: (completed: minus 2)

  2. Count me in. I've never been in one of these Marathon Swaps and I'm look'n forward to it.
  3. Count me in.

    I'm not sure what I will be tying but I plan to do something with more of a European style.
  4. Normally i'd be all over this, but I've got a busy few months coming up and doubt I could meet the requirements. Good luck.
  5. Ok I think I'm out. I'm stationed overseas and my mail system is unpredictable. I don't wanna make anyone wait. Some things show up fast while others seem to be lost in a container somewhere for awhile.

    "Only when the last tree has been felled, the last river poisoned and the last fish caught, man will know that he cannot eat money.

  6. On a serious note, thank you both for the interest. Rob, your ties in the last marathon were great.

    I'll see if this gains any interest over the next 10-14 days. Given the demands of the swap, I don't think it'll be worth anyone's time unless we get up to 10 participants.
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  7. Count me in. Like Ron I have never been in one of these Marathon Swaps and I'm look'n forward to it. The possibility of ending the swap with a face to face on the Yakama sounds like fun. ​
  8. I've been debating this, but I'm in. Although not for the face to face part of it. I'll get tying some nymphs
  9. Well, that's five

    If we can get to ten by the 10th of January we'll make a go of it. Otherwise, I'll shut it down.

    I'm thinking an aluminum (foam pictured) trout skin box to hold your swap flies could serve as the MVP prize.

  10. That's incentive!!
  11. What if, instead of cancelling because of low numbers, everyone just ties double? Like 5 swappers tie ten patterns?
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  12. Two flys would work for me, as long as there is no more than say seven tiers. Swapmeisters decision and I'll be ok with what ever decision he makes.

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  13. Good idea Travis. I think I like that idea better than just getting one fly from more tiers..........
  14. like the idea, but going to be too busy in about a month or so...
  15. I like the idea better than cancelling because of low numbers.
  16. OK, I won't shut it down no matter what happens.
    I'll close the swap on the 10th of January and we'll figure out how many flies per person at that time.
    MVP still wins a fly box.

    Sorry we didn't get you on this one. I caught a nice fish on your crane fly pattern last October!
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  17. Assuming we stay at 5 swappers, I have 10 golden stone nymphs ready to roll!
  18. I don't know... I've always wanted to do a fly swap, but have always been reluctant to do it. That fly box is a nice incentive though. I know how a fly swap works, but not exact. So you tie lets say 12 flies, send them, then I get 12 different flies back. Sounds good, I think I'm in. I want to do this because in about 2 weeks, I'll be turning 15, and I want to tie flies without having a job, stress, and no free time. I like my summer breaks. I also will be selling flies to a local store, and I want people to know that my flies catch fish.
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  19. Well, "Teenage Entomologist", what's your first name. I hope it is a little shorter. You live in an area that has some wonderful fly fishing. I fished Burney Falls a year ago and it was beautiful.
    These swaps are a wonderful way to get acquainted and see what others are doing. Maybe one of us can connect with you when we are down your way, do a little fishing on the Sac and trade
    a few flies or lies. After all we are fishermen first.

    Best of luck.
    Jerry "Bonsai"
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