Mini Marathon Trout swap (2014)

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by riseform, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Thanks Jerry! My name is Kaden, and yeah, fishing the Sac is always a good pastime.
  2. If this swap happens, I'd like to join in. It could be fun to have a swap going every month for a few months. Count me in.
  3. I think the threat of cancellation was lifted!
  4. Welcome TE and TD

    Kaden, I think you'll find swaps are a lot of fun. Here are the basic guidelines, it's pretty simple:

    That makes we're getting somewhere

    I was planning on closing this on January 10th. As it currently stands, if we stick with two flies per person, you'd be tying and receiving a dozen flies (no need to tie flies for yourself simply to have them sent back). If you think that is too many, we'll hold out for potentially more people. If you'd all prefer the two fly per person plan, we should probably close it here. Let me know.

    I've tied more flies in my life than I can ever fish. While I promise to fish the patterns we generate, please do not feel obligated to send extra for me as the "swapmeister".
  5. Sweet, I'm up for the 2 fly idea. This will be a lot of fun. Do these flies have to be our own patterns, or can we tie some local patterns that were invented by someone else?
  6. 2 flies same pattern or 1 fly of 2 different patterns?
  7. 2 flies of the same pattern I'm pretty sure, makes more sense.
  8. Your choice. No obligation to provide an original pattern.

    Also your choice. I may tie two just to give more variety. I'm sure no one will complain with two of the same. It's nice to have a second if you lose the first to a snag.

    And just to keep this discussion fresh:
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  9. Whatever you decide is fine with me.
  10. I'm okay with closing it now, but I'll leave it up to you, swapmeister
  11. I am fine which ever way it goes.

  12. Unless we're holding out for more swappers, I'm ready for an address. I'm chomping at the bit for this one!
  13. I'm ready whenever

    At this late point, any additions would have complicated matters and I don't want anyone tying more than a dozen flies.

    We will each tie a dozen flies per round, covering the six other people in the swap. Obviously, you will not receive your own patterns back unless I'm an idiot when distributing them.

    You can tie a dozen of the same fly (each person will receive two) or a half dozen each of two different flies.

    I'll forward my address as requested (sean k, Travis and TE already sent). I'm going to be out of town for awhile, so if I'm not immediate about posting arrivals this month don't panic. I promise to provide up to date info for the remainder of the swap.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone's patterns. Thank you for joining.
  15. let me know if someone drops out
  16. I'm also all tied up for the streamers and working on an emerger pattern. Should I send the streamers now or hold off for February?
  17. Will do, thanks.
    Beast! I haven't even decided on my nymph patterns yet.
    If you send the streamers early I promise not to lose them.
  18. :) I tied half a dozen different patterns this weekend trying to decide on a pattern. I think I have narrowed it down to a pattern. Now, I'm playing with different materials to get the look I'm after. If I can't get it just right, then I have an old standby that I can whip up.
  19. I got my nymph picked and a dozen tied.
  20. I am ready to send out my nymphs. I need an address.


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