Mini Marathon Trout swap (2014)

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by riseform, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Oops - my mistake.... Sorry - I misinterpreted your earlier post.

    Bottom line is: however much experience you have, your flies look, as you're fond of saying, "beast" and I can't wait to fish 'em.
  2. That means a lot Ron. I've sold my flies here and there, but I planning on buying a fly bin and selling my flies to a local store.
  3. After opening my box of flies I feel a little embarrassed sending in my Pheasant Tail Nymph. They were all very nice looking flies. I hope to do a little better next time with a nice streamer pattern.

  4. You're crazy, I love that fly! Everyone did a great job.
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  5. Got the flies! They're all amazing, and Sean's Copper John feels tungsten, which is the best bead ever. Everyone's flies turned out well, gonna tie my streamers over the weekend. TE
  6. TE, that's correct it is tungsten, actually both of my flys have tungsten beads.
  7. These are great! Nice job guys!
  8. I want to apologize to everyone now if my streamers are a day or two late, I'm currently in the process of moving from Germany back to Washington and I have limited time to tie at the moment. My tying equipment was mailed out the other day so unless there's a hiccup with the USPS I'll be hot at the vise and whip something together by the due date.

    Riseform, if there's any issue with the postal system and I'm pressing close to the due date I'll send you a PM to let you know and hopefully we can work something out.
  9. My Streamers are done. I'll get them mailed off here soon. Now its time to decide on a dry fly pattern.
  10. Happy Valentine's Day! 2 weeks to go. Nice to see some are already done!
  11. I'm planning on finishing my next batch tonight
  12. One week, how's everyone doing with their streamers?
  13. Going to tie the rest of my streamers today. Tied some very, very good stoneflies last night though. They were poxyback.
  14. Mailed mine off this morning. They've been riding shotgun for a week or so. Finally got them off.

    I'm part way through my Caddis Emergers for March.
  15. Got them TD, those will catch fish! Great job
  16. Just sent my flies. These two are simple, yet very productive patterns that are very famous here in California and Southern Oregon.
  17. My Rolled Muddler Variants will be on your doorstep tomorrow. I'm running down to Cabela's and will drop 'em off on the way.

    These Muddlers look pretty ratty, but they seem to work pretty well at certain times (like most flies...).

    Once, on Cady, the fishing was pretty slow; there were maybe 8-10 people on the lake and there wasn't a whole bunch of whooping, hollering or splashing. I was directly across from the launch, in that bay, and kept seeing some respectable-looking fish just cruising around near the top, laughing at us. So I thought something different might piss 'em off and I tied on a Rolled Muddler and threw it out at one of the passing snots and, BAM! Worked on three or four more as I remember, then it was back to being laughed at.

    Plop 'em in the film on a floater and twitch just enough to make some small circles. Dave Whitlock calls it "puppeteering".
    I like that word...
  18. Thanks Ron, looking forward to them. I'm afraid we are still living in remodeling hell so watch your step.

    Jerry and TE your flies made it, thank you and nice job.

    TE, please try to remember a return envelope next time, and consider a container size that will accommodate anticipated return flies. Some of these streamers are heavy and large. I love ya, but I'd prefer avoiding the hassle of providing an appropriately sized tin and envelope to get your flies back.
  19. Sorry, I'll put an envelope in for the next swap. I also have some large containers I'll use for April's swap, since we're going for the big guys.
  20. Ron, those are beautiful.

    Well done everyone, that's everyone but sean k and his are coming from Germany! Hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow or Saturday. Once in, I'll get them photographed and back at you ASAP.

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