Mini Marathon Trout swap (2014)

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by riseform, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. I got my flies, but the package was opened! Someone or something stole all of my flies. Sad face


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  2. It was my stupid brother. He got the mail, took it out, and didn't tell until AFTER I posted this. Sorry.

  3. Well, its official. We've got some boys in this swap that can really tie! Got mine, they look even better in person.

    Also, I have two more large dries to tie and then I'll be shipping those and my emergers together
  4. And they're in the mail. Now, what to do for freestyle??
  5. Beautiful flies Travis!
  6. Thank you much!
  7. Forgot to earlier today, but sent the flies. Everything should be in order. Got to work on my large stone dries, and they are my own pattern. Ur in fer a treat.
  8. Planned to mail mine today, but discovered I have to go to the Apple Store @ the Tacoma Mall tomorrow, so I'll drop these off too. You must think I have some phobia about going to the Post Office....
  9. Like clowns, they can be a little creepy at times.

    One of these days maybe I'll be at home to say hello.
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  10. Look forward to meeting you. Maybe we'll hook-up down the line & chase some trouts....
  11. As always, great flies Ron!

    Still waiting on three for tomorrow's due date.
  12. For next months flies, would you guys rather have golden stone/ Salmonfly, skwala/Salmonfly, or golden stone/ skwala for the two patterns I'll be tying?
  13. Kaden, I'd vote for you tying what you'd prefer to tie.
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  14. TE your flies made it safely on the due date, nice job.

    Bonsai and TD, are you out there?
  15. I am here and my flies should show up in todays mail.
  16. Got them Bonsai! Very nice, thank you.

  17. So Nick, April's pattern is a terrestrial/large dry and my question to you, our honorable swapmiester, is: What do you consider to be a large dry? I'm thinking of the always (or usually, anyway....) reliable Royal Wulff and want to tie them in a size that will fit the criteria.....
  18. Man, a #4 Royal Wulff sounds awesome, but just what does it replicate? Maybe a water strider, who knows. My dry fly box is plum full, so I'm going to need to buy another fly box!
  19. In my mind, the March swap was typical mayfly, caddis and midge dries or emergers and April would be terrestrials, stoneflies, Oct caddis, etc. I feared terrestrials might be to limiting and didn't want us all exchanging purple chubby patterns (not that they don't work). A Royal Wulff in any size will be just fine, thank you.

    Still haven't heard from TD, who has tied some excellent flies in this swap. I will give it one more day, but if I don't receive them by tomorrow or hear that they are in transit I will send everyone their flies on Wednesday.

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