Mini Marathon Trout swap (2014)

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by riseform, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. I am so sorry for not get my flies to you. I have been very sick for the last two weeks or so. For the last week I have been unable to drive. My flies are tied and tagged. I will get them to you as soon as I can
  2. No worries Bonsai, we'll wait.

    TE, congrats on the great photo shoot. Did you draw the artwork on the wall as well?
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  3. No, my friend Rodney Cloutier did. He's a awesome fly fishing artist. I did do my own October Caddis though. Here it is. I'm a pretty good artist, but I fly tie more than draw.:) image.jpg
  4. Fly designer, artist, featured angler in a magazine.....start writing and you may yet make a career out of this. I'd aim for being the next Dave Whitlock! Great to be so dialed in at a young age.
  5. Thanks! I will start writing more about my trips and excursions. I am a pretty good writer( Just got an A- on my 7 page research paper about Wars of Europe), but I like writing about the outdoors way more. I also enjoy shooting and hunting, along with mountain biking and yodeling<--- just kidding about the latter:). Any of you guys know yodelers?
  6. TE's flies made it today. Nice job.

    Waiting for Jerry and the gallery page to be opened and I'll post pictures and send them off.

    As for the MVP prize, it's down to the four of you since we lost Sean and TD. I'll ultimately make a voting post with pictures for the main forum, unless you'd rather vote privately amongst yourselves. Winner can pick the trout skin of their choice for the fly box (brown, brook or rainbow). I will fill it with the flies that were meant for Sean and TD before they dropped out.
  7. I'll do whatever is easier for you Riseform. I think a 5 way vote is too small. I'd post it on the main forum for the " Dun-dun- duuunnnn" moment.
  8. That's a good idea! Let the masses vote!
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  9. At last. I mailed my flies today. The first time I have been able to drive or do much of anything by myself. I feel good enough to use a few.
    Thanks to all for your patience.
  10. I'm leaving for Craig tomorrow (life really is pretty good.....) & will back around July 5-6, so if you have some sort of vote, I'll give my proxy to Bonsai (if he'll choose to exercise it, if not, riseform, it's yours).

    Fishing should be pretty darn good on the Big Mo: flows are down to 4880 3ft/sec, compared to the 25-year median of 7690 3ft/sec. and temps are around 58℉. Should be great for drys.
  11. Jerry, your flies made it today! Great job and congratulations to all who finished the marathon.

    I'll take pics of the flies tonight and get them sent out tomorrow. Still waiting for Chris to open a gallery. Once we get that, I'll set up a voting page with the embedded pics.

    Ron, will do. Have a great time on the Mighty Mo, I'm very jealous. Stop by the house if you need any last minute streamers.
  12. I would be happy to vote you proxy Ron. See you when you get back. I am planning to try the upper Dungeness between the 19th thru 21st of when I go to Sequim for the bonsai show.
  13. Busy day. Got flies in mail bin, but not before it was picked up today. Had to do some heavy taping before I could send them off. Expect them soon.

    Still waiting on the gallery from Chris, but pics were taken.
  14. Flies are received. Awesome ties guy! Going to try some of them out in some trout ponds next week.
  15. Got mine today too. Pretty good stuff. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good
  16. When will the photo's be posted Nick? I've really enjoyed this swap and look forward to another one next year!
  17. Being somewhat anal by nature, I want to be able to categorize them into the proper swap folder. Still waiting on a reply from Chris to set up the final folder. I suspect he is busy or out of town.

    Once I get the proper folder, I'll get them inserted and set up a poll thread for the grand prize.
  18. Screenshot (12).png You know what's funny, I finished my fly bin to put in the store and just realized my camera takes good pics of my flies. Crazy. I mean look!
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