Mini-Marathon Trout Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ned Wright, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Just took pictures, they are out in tomorrow's mail. Pics are up when the gallery is ready.
    Sorry for the delay this month guys.

  2. OK Pics are up and packages are ready for the mail tomorrow.

    Apologies for the wait, when I started this I had no intention of getting RIFed....

    Last day at work was the 7th and since then I have had a s**t-ton to do during the day and a bunch of beer to drink each night :)

    Good news is that I didn't spend any of the MVP money on beer! We are all spoken for with one exception that has declined. Looks like about $140 now! Thinking about 1st and 2nd place.

  3. Holy crap, Just looked at the photos. What a fantastic bunch of ties:thumb:
  4. very nice flies once again gents. this has been a great swap!
  5. Dang guys!

    Again i'm blown away with all the great flies.
    I can't wait to try these out on the water soon!

  6. Got mine today.

    Will try them out soon!!

  7. Riseform, your flies came today. Damn those are good! Guys better get working if you want to beat these! Definate MVP material!

    I know I have been late this month, but please get flies in ASAP. Monday is the 25th.

  8. I will take the fact that Monday the 25th is a holiday and the post office is closed to allow me a one day grace period on the post mark. Actually my flies are tied and sitting in the mailbox at the post office, but I couldn't get them there before the weekend so the post mark will be the 26th. Since we tied streamers, dries, nymphs, and emergers so far I decided to do a duet of wet flies (that's right - bonus fly time). A classic "starling and herl" and a more modern looking no-name "freestyle" tie to satisfy the last requirement of the swap.

  9. I have to apologize. Been putting off getting these done and then went to the East Side last week to fish. They're done now and will go in the mail first thing on Tuesday.
  10. Mine went out today as well.
  11. Sent mine out today Ned.

    We'll see if my caddis imitation will give Riseforms flies a run for the money. :D

  12. Can't wait to see the mailbox full. Since I blew last month and because the stream opener isn't until the 6th, any postmark still in the month of May is good for MVP. That means everything needs to be in the mail by this Saturday. I will send out PMs tomorrow for those that haven't mentioned anything on the board.

    For all of the great work you have done it would be a shame not to finish in style. This is the bottom of the 9th boys!

    Git Ur Done,
  13. That March Brown you did will be hard to beat. That fly was sweet!!
  14. Mine are in the mail. I sent in a ugly looking pattern for I have tied too many realistic flies as of late which were fun to tie but not what you would find generally at the end of my tippet. I am looking forward to seeing everyones patterns and a heartfelt thankyou and congratulations of all that have completed the marathon, I for one have quite enjoyed it.

    Cheers gentlemen,

  15. oh balls i forgot about this i will get them done my bad
  16. iagree

    Cheers to you too X.... (awesome flies I can't wait to try)
    And a thanks to everyone else too for their wonderfull samples. I will be looking forward to doing this again in the future..

  17. We understand Zach.

    I've heard that hard flossing can injure brain cells....:clown:

  18. Ned,

    Just checking to make sure you received my flies.

  19. crap im still working on them im just starting to work at albertsons so i have almost no time right now but will finish this week and get them out ASAP
  20. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have flies from almost everyone. Bullwackers went out last week and I still don't have them, but I have reveived them from everyone that mentioned sending them out.

    Everyone did a great job!

    Should be done shortly,

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